My beast may or may not be better than your beast!



  • TristannaTristanna Member Posts: 46 Apprentice
    So, how does the chemset figure into this?
  • AnitaAnita Member Posts: 327 Fabled
    Can I ask, where did you get the lions?

    My eagle is old now, but here he is:
    Spreading his great golden wings, streaked with bronze, a giant noble eagle searches the ground with soulful eyes of liquid gold.

    Many times larger than the average eagle, this enormous specimen of a giant noble eagle is fully capable of hunting down and carrying off the largest Ackleberry cow. His soulful eyes of liquid gold search the ground with a knowing gaze that draws in all he sees. Spreading his great golden wings, streaked with bronze, the giant eagle gives off an aura of majesty from his very bearing, which speaks of travels throughout all of Lusternia and beyond. He is called 'Zhyth.'

  • FalmiisFalmiis Member Posts: 1,277 Transcendent
    I was told that for each pair of feeds there are only three states, A > B, A < B and A = B and the chemset will just override whatever feed you gave the beast put it into one of those states.

    Not sure if this was ever confirmed by anyone in the know or just speculation though.
  • SylandraSylandra Meta-Landra Member Posts: 3,277 Transcendent
    Chemset lets you set the feed levels for your beast to whatever you want.
    Fyler said:
    Sylandra has a very signature (and somewhat twisted) sense of humor
  • OrventaOrventa Member Posts: 219 Master
    @Anita Lion cubs can be bought at the Wayfaire (if it's still running?)
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  • DaraiusDaraius is so over haiku The juror's taco spotMember Posts: 4,075 Transcendent
    Anita said:
    Can I ask, where did you get the lions?

    They're Czigany Wayfaire beasts. Hit me up if you want to buy my level 12 ugly boy.
  • ElironEliron Member Posts: 137 Gifted
    Stratas said:
    Manty order beast, the grimalkin, as a baby:

    Covered in a fine black fuzz, this tiny kitten is thin and frail, its skin pulled
    tight over its bony frame. Short, shallow breaths come in bursts from its constantly
    agape maw, its chest barely rising as it gasps for air. Claws protrude from its
    padded paws, the tips of each broken and splintered by whatever abuse may have
    befallen it.

    More as it grows <3

    So excited!
  • StratasStratas Member Posts: 325 Fabled
    The grimalkin as a youth:

    Long and lithe, this young feline carries herself with immense pride. Her dull, grey
    fur is well-kempt and her pale, white eyes gaze sternly over all about her. Each of
    her slow movements is very precise, the wagging of her bushy tail matching the steady
    wiggle of her body.
    A young, lithe grimalkin looks weak and feeble.

    Inherents are Regenerate Ego, Heal Ego, and Influence Weaken, if anyone wants to join Manty's order to get a kitty.

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