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    Never mind.
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    And to give this a little bump...

    Now that the sileni and nagasith races have been released via curio set, we will be taking suggestions for appropriate emotes for both races (as we have for gnomes and finks before them). Remember, our emote format looks like this:

    1:  You cross two of your fingers and close your eyes hopeful for luck from the Fates.
    3:  $+(name$) crosses two of $(his$) fingers and closes $(his$) eyes wishing for luck from the Fates.
    1t: Wishing the Fates smile on $(lname$), you cross two of your fingers together for luck.
    2t: $+(name$) crosses two of $(his$) fingers in your direction, wishing you good luck from the Fates with a smile.
    3t: $+(name$) crosses two of $(his$) fingers at $(lname$), wishing $(lhim$) good luck from the Fates with a smile.
    Pose: $+(name$) crosses two of $(his$) fingers here.
    TPose: $+(name$) crosses two of $(his$) fingers at $(lname$).
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    Of course I'm a sileni, but have ideas for nagasith emotes. Here, @Hoaracle. #First?

    1: You flare your hood open in caution.
    3: $+(name$) flares $(his$) hood open.
    1t: You focus your gaze on $(lname$), your hood flaring open in caution.
    2t: $+(name$) stares you down as $(his$) hood flares open.
    3t: $+(name$) stares $(lname$) down as $(his$) hood flares open.

    1: You wrap your serpentine tail around yourself in a circle.
    2: $+(name$) wraps $(his$) tail around $(him$) in a circle.
    1t: You wrap your tail snugly around $+(name$)'s torso and give $(him$) a light squeeze.
    2t: $+(name$) wraps $(his$) tail around your torso such that it is difficult to breathe, and $(he$) gives you a light squeeze further leaving you winded.
    3t: $+(name$) wraps $(his$) tail around $(lname)'s torso tightly enough for $(lhis$) face to subtly change colour.
    TPose: $+(name$) is using $(his$) tail to squeeze the life out of $(lname$).
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    1:  Feeling the music in your soul, you stamp a hoofed foot against the ground in an intricate rhythm.
    3:  $+(name$) gives a wistful smile and stamps (his|her) hoof against the ground in a rhythmic beat.
    1t: Smiling wistfully at $(lname), you stamp your hoof to a beat heard only in your mind.
    2t: $+(name$) smiles wistfully at you, stamping their hoof to an intricate beat.
    3t: $+(name$) smiles wistfully at $(lname$), stamping softly at the ground in an intricate rhythm.
    Pose: $+(name$) stamps softly at the ground, making their own music.

    1:  You ponder the past and sigh, thinking of your ancestors.
    3:  $+(name$)'s eyes grow distant as they sigh, but give you no hint as to their thoughts.
    Pose: $+(name$)'s eyes are distant as they recall a matter of great importance.

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    something like:

    Overcome by a fit of pique, you bash your horns into $(lname), hammering into them with a ferocius headbutt.


    $+(name'$)'s head suddenly lowers, and they shake their horns at you menacingly. Maybe you should get out of the way.

    Don't know if there's an option for same race emotes but:

    Sileni to another Sileni:

    Person 1 headbutts person 2, locking horns with them.

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