how do you say your characters name?



  • ReylariReylari Member Posts: 367 Fabled
    That is definitely a possibility.
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  • MaligornMaligorn Windborne Member Posts: 2,558 Transcendent
    I originally went with zi-shi because I like the oriental sound.

  • GynGyn Member Posts: 1 Inept
    Gin lol like the drink 
  • DrauzgotDrauzgot Member Posts: 45 Capable
    I like my names to all be simple to pronounce. Pash. Single syllable WYSIWYG. Ulalah, three syllable cat-call. Ooh la la. Drauzgot. Two syllable infection of sleepiness. Drowze-got.
  • HegemoneHegemone Member Posts: 16 Apprentice
    Thread necro!

    Ee ah moan
  • HegemoneHegemone Member Posts: 16 Apprentice
    Xenthos said:
    ... I pronounce it like "Hegemony".  Would not have even thought of a different way!
    Those tricksy greeks!
  • VatulVatul Member Posts: 42 Capable
    Vaatuul. Like Draaacuula, bleh bleh!
    The cool night-time breeze shivers in the arid caress of the streets of the capital city, brushing
    the earthen taste of dust across your lips.
  • MaekoMaeko Member Posts: 9 Apprentice
    edited June 18
    Like the shark.

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    Yasei said:
    "May this be the first of many new experiences for you, Heart of the Crescendo," Czixi says, smile quirking. "The future is an exciting place."

    Ghosting around.

  • YaseiYasei Member Posts: 41 Capable
    Xeii said:
    Yasei said:
    I originally planned to be a Moondancer, I am incredibly unoriginal.
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