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  • XenthosXenthos Shadow Lord Member Posts: 5,735 Transcendent
    Tully said:
    I could have SWORN I have more deaths than 8??!  Or is that just player kills?
    It is just deaths to players.  Most of those are probably Revan.
  • RialormRialorm Member Posts: 1,055 Transcendent
    edited April 2014
    Finally got the image upload to work (atm banner is still cached). What I had to do was enter another email address so it would validate, while at the same time adding the picture. Then I changed the email back to what it should be, of course getting the error again, but at least it changed to what it should be. Just a little workaround that might help people out.

    Also don't know if the image format matters but the time I got it working I used a gif.
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  • IeptixIeptix Member, Moderator, Gods Posts: 819 Divine
    Regarding the email thing: the IRE people have been made aware of the issue. Not sure where in their priority list the fix falls, but it's been passed on!
  • KagatoKagato Carmichael, CAMember Posts: 1,099 Fabled
    Minor thing regarding timezones in the edit page, can we please get an option for New Zealand (UTC+13)?
  • KagatoKagato Carmichael, CAMember Posts: 1,099 Fabled
    Question regarding the new banners and reference codes,  under BANNERCODE it states that any friends/people referred from your banner that purchase credits, you will be rewarded for, any chance of finding out exactly what said referrer gets (and if it is credits as well, roughly how many they get - for example if the new player purchased 100 credits, how many would the referrer get?)
  • DaebachDaebach Member Posts: 12 Inept
    What's the requirements for having a banner? Because I don't have the permissions..
  • IllidaenIllidaen Member Posts: 14 Novice

    Been wondering the same thing. I think perhaps lack of posts maybe



  • IeptixIeptix Member, Moderator, Gods Posts: 819 Divine
    What do you mean by "don't have the permissions"? What specifically isn't working, and what error messages are you getting?
  • ShaddusShaddus His Imperial Altness Outside your window.Member Posts: 7,620 Transcendent
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  • DhoggneDhoggne Member Posts: 7 Novice
    At the risk of necroing this thread (hi, sorry), I'm having some issues getting my banner to display. I grabbed the BBCode text and used paste as text, checked the source, and it looked just the same as it should, but it seems to have questionable ideas about where the link begins, as evidenced by the fact the url part at the start of the code is not a hyperlink, but the rest of it is. I do not have the BBCode-Fu, and I would appreciate some help from all you fine folks who seem to've been able to get your wonderful banners to display.

    I thank you.
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