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    Haghan said:
    Well just chiming in and I'm an outsider, but if you are going for roleplay separation I'd suggest

    A) "The true power of Magnagora is in the teaching of the Demon Lords"   (Style: Demonic)
    B)"The true power of Magnagora is in our ancient past (including deathcults and old geomancers) (Style: Ancient, Clasical, Deathcultish)
    C)"The true power of Magnagora is our unstoppable progress" (Style: Modern, mechanical, steampunk)

    All roleplay styles could fit in
     Aggressive:  An unholy scourge of the Demon Lords, an ancient death knight, A reaper set to clear the trash of the world for newer, better 'progress'
     Artistic:     Elegant (or horrifying) exemplars of the demon lords; Classical death-cult trappings, or steampunkish machinery and devices

    Even the concept of aristocracy could survive with different flavors:  A sign of the Demon Lord's favor; a rich lineage from ancient times, or a form of eugenics, proof of 'progress'

    Any concept could be fit anywhere. Priests and holy positions wouldn't have to be based on powers. A Nihilist could be a spiritual adviser and necromancer favoring the old ways, or a necromantic scientist creating infernal machines. Ninjakari could be avatars of the DL's wrath, assassins used to manipulate the old order, or   allies of Illith working to bring soulless power into the Engine of Progress

    ....I actually really really like this. Simplicity with soooo much room for interpretation, which is a lot of what I love about Magnagora lore in the first place. 

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    I too vote in favour of @Haghan, but with minor edit.

    Demonic/Enlightened -- "The true power of Magnagora is in the teaching of the Demon and Earth Lords"
    Historical -- "The true power of Magnagora is in our ancient past (including deathcults and old geomancers)"
    Futurist/Steampunk -- "The true power of Magnagora is our unstoppable progress"

    I include the Earth Lords because they do have potency (elementalism, geomancy, dreamweaving), they do represent virtues, and they are presently underdeveloped.  The communes have sixty eight million spirits, but Magnagora has just 5 demon lords.  Those 5 are awesome, but there may be plenty of room for increased parity by welcoming more interaction from the Earth Lords.  At the very least do consider that I have heard complaints of jealousy from some Geomancers; Nihilists get living and communicative mobs, whereas Geomancers get idle and inert robots.

    I vote in favour of this direction, primarily because it cleanly side-steps the ``we're more into archetype X or archetype Y'' issues because each of the above three would welcome anyone of almost any archetype.  The first system, one guild per archetype, proved ineffective w/o a critical number of on-line characters.  A sad truth that was, it was hoped the Covenant system would ameliorate, if not eliminate, that trouble.  With great regret it must be admitted the Covenant system was just not enough.  It might have been too little, or it might have been too late, or possibly even both, or the guilds which engaged in it did so poorly, or some other reason.  Whatever the reasons, the covenant system just did not resolve the issue.  Hopefully the forthcoming condensation of guilds will do the trick, but how to define a guild? This answer is the best because it completely divorces the notion of guild affiliation and archetype.  The model proposed by @Haghan is best.

    The above list is preferred because cleanly dodges the player style issues such as ``no, we only want fighters or tradesmen (or whatever)''.  We can demand we want one type of player over another until we are blue in the face, but it will not do any good.  We can no more compel or require a specific type of player than we could even possibly know, with factual certainty, another player's specific type of style.  Furthermore we should not want this sort of mechanism to start with.  The needs of this moment may be very different than the needs of some other moment in the future.  Today I may need carebears but tomorrow I may need brutal killers.  To foreclose an option a priori is the height of foolishness in any endevour.  We would not open a negotiation by announcing our limits and enumerating our weaknesses, so why should we hamstring our own selves before embarking on this new marathon? The model proposed by @Haghan is best.

    This idea is best because it embraces all the in-character fiction of Magnagora; both what is presently accepted and what most would desire to have.  Let us dispel a common misconception: Culture is not a fire to be kindled.  Culture is a garden to be weeded.  Those who do not ``get it'' must be made to understand exactly why they should ``get it'', and that understanding must come to them in a manner which is as swift and unambiguous as humanly possible.  Those who ``get it'' will typically continue to ``get it'', at least for a while. I must qualify that as ``at least for a while'' because even the most die-hard of in-character role-players and staunch defenders of decorum will ultimately have a bad day (or even give up completely) if ignorant children become promiscuously drunk from the arrogance which stems from a lack of correction and become the ``new normal''.  I will not belabour the point, since it has eloquently been stated in other threads, but must make mention of it insofar as it is applicable to the current proposition in that maintenance of our culture is important and the new guilds, whatever they may be, must conform to those expectations somehow or they will prove as equally disruptive as talks about sportsball or homework over the cityaether.  Yes, new guilds will open and old guilds will close.  Some fiction will cover them, but they had better connect to the traditions of Magnagora or they will merely exacerbate an observed trend of people deliberately playing against the fiction, which simply encourages further misdemeanors since no punishment or correction seems forthcoming to the original offenders who most brazenly continue to repeat their mistakes.  The system proposed by @Haghan is best because the traditions and culture of Magnagora is celebrated in his proposal, and in fact even encouraged.

    I vote for @Haghan as best.  It is functional, it is simple, it is eloquent, it is complete.  Adding to it would harm it, and taking anything away from it would similarly do harm.
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    I think Delphas is having a competition with @Lerad.
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    So, since I am in no way involved in any of the official portion of this, is there any news from the front lines of the IG clan? I'm interested in hearing some of the actual ideas and propositions being tossed around and workshopped.
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    There's a draft being discussed and it's pending, at least tentative, approval from the big, high-heeled boss before we proceed further with the details. Happy to post it (been meaning to, getting sidetracked with a dozen projects).
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    I'd love to see it if you would be so wonderfully kind, as would some others, I'm sure.
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    Im not sure if anyone else has mentioned anything along these lines, but with keeping balance, I would like to see the Nihilists have something similar to the changes in...the druids I believe it was, where instead of merely having a demon minion, they could instead choose a path where they start to become more demon like themselves...I know Nihilism already has a couple things to make you more demon-like, but going further into detail on that would be amazing
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