Gaudi Guild Overhaul

ChirboChirbo Member Posts: 733 Fabled
What ideas are being tossed around?


  • ShaddusShaddus His Imperial Altness Outside your window.Member Posts: 7,652 Transcendent
    I'm pushing for the Lollipop Guild and the Lullaby League.
    If I'm not good enough for Lusternia, then it is no longer good enough for me.
  • SteingrimSteingrim Member Posts: 830 Fabled
    Arix said:
    Smokers, Jokers and Midnight Tokers
    Obviously someone has been leaking.
    You tell Wyrden Ravager Tarken, "Come to Gaudiguch. I'll give you the title of Grand Moth."
    Eyes peering skywards as he thinks, Ironbeard the Magnanimous says to Sksez, "Welll, on my gooD lis *hic* t, we have....Stei *hic* ng *hic* rim.U..Xypherv....Luu *hic* hghaigh *hic* hhe....Breandryn....."
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