Arkansas Meetup

ShaddusShaddus His Imperial AltnessOutside your window.Member Posts: 7,620 Transcendent
This weekend I plan on sitting in the Ball Pit at my local McDonald's and drinking a Mellow Yellow while Ascension happens. Feel free to come join me, local Lusternians.
2017/04/23 00:29:14 - Nefara honoured Shaddus for: For his dedication to the Earthen Lords and Lady, 
and willingness to assist our young Pupils. Despite his choosing to not progress himself further, he 
still works for the Geomancers, and the Engine, in any way he is capable. Also comes with a healthy 
dose of rebellion, to ensure us of the Council can not be too relaxed.


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  • ChirboChirbo Member Posts: 733 Fabled
    Neat, driving 10ish hours to see you bud.
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