The Bear and the Whacher

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So this happened. And it was a lot of fun.

And I'm back.

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    a golden sickle fits where His right hand should be.


    The rest of this was pretty good.
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    :-O That was phenomenal. Wow, just wow!

    You two are fantastic writers - and if that was all spontaneous and off-the-cuff, I am blown away.  ^:)^

    I hope there's another chapter in Tark's story!!

    Edit: Also, I laughed at this bit, which sounds very cleverly meta -

    Agreeing, Hoaracle, the Oak Whacher says, "Aye, Serenwilde would require much - if you choose that path. Serenwilde always seems to require much." He sighs, then shakes his head, as if passing that thought aside to speak anew.
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    I exchanged two messages with Hoaracle, asking if he'd have any interest in rp, then giving him the sparknotes version of Tark's recent history. I honestly wasn't expecting anything to happen that night, else I would've tried to initiate at a better time. So, I'd call it mostly spontaneous, and completely off-the-cuff :)
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