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The world is dark and muddled by false knowledge, and most of the Basin doesn’t even realize how weighted down by the chains of ideology they truly are; the Illuminators recognize this darkness and seek to cast the flames of Enlightenment into its furthest corners, burning away everything that might impede the raw Freedom of thought. They are the Hidden Temple, both its members and its guardians, and the only thing that is more precious to them than the pursuit of a new mystery is protecting said knowledge from those who aren’t yet ready to understand what needs to be known.

Their obfuscated methods are, paradoxically, the Illuminators’ most well-known trait: while some choose to work behind closed doors or in the spaces between important people, others weave secrets into song, or dive ever-deeper into the Pyres in search of hidden knowledge, or simply flood their thoughts with enough oaths and riddles that they can better protect their less martially-minded allies, and no two Illuminators work quite the same way. All the better to protect the truth from those who would harm it.

No one way exists to pursue the Mysterious Truth. Members of this faction can be found seeking Enlightenment through asceticism or excess, through transcending the limits of mortal flesh or reveling in said mortality, and be it fire or steel or ecstatic dance there is always a way to push the boundaries of understanding. Both a heated debate and the heat of combat are sacred, so long as its practitioner finds themselves unfettered by false thought through it, it is permitted.

An Illuminator is expected to protect the city from more subtle threats to Freedom than rampaging Soulless or enemy organizations: the spiritual well-being of Gaudiguch is a major focus of theirs. This does not mean that they must form ties with a Divine, but that any citizen be permitted the right to pursue a state of mystical wholeness. What good is a koan if the ear that hears it is muffled by self-doubt and sorrow? They tend the constant revelry that fills the city like a gardener does a trellis, as a heart that is open and free from woe is far healthier ground for new thought taking root.

Where the light of the Pyres falls, so follow the Illuminators, and they strain furiously against whatever might limit their quest for knowledge. What is a thing like death but a new limit to be overcome? Paradigms exist to be shifted. Let the world try and contain itself in a smothering shell: they will crack it, then read the future in the shards even as reality shudders and gasps in the brilliance of understanding.

Enlightenment of the self brings Enlightenment to the world. The ultimate nature of Enlightenment is uncertain -- figuring out such a thing is a mystery even this mysterious faction can’t easily untangle -- but this is seen as a gift, rather than a limitation: because there is no way to define it, it frees the individual to act upon pure intuition and following the nature of their Will. Is the body a vessel for greatness? Is the mind the true Hidden Temple? Who is actually hosting the never-ending party that is Gaudiguch? No one can say, but the Illuminators do smile wryly and refuse to give direct answers.


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    Looove it

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    I read the first few words of the opening line and my mind filled it in. "The world is dark..." and full of terrors. Love the concept!
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    War. War never chan....oh wait. Different opening line.
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    Y'all are on top of your ish. This is awesome.
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    While all of this sounds awesome, I think this one is actually a bit too long. At the end of the day these help files are going to be used by new and returning players who are likely browsing through multiple help files as they try to decide on a guild to join and while yes, this is a text game where there is going to be a lot of reading, there is no need to overwhelm these people right from the beginning. After all, this is a game and for many people the first thing they want to do when starting a game is jump straight in. If they were all of this length I can't help but think that many people would just give up. All of the information contained here is great for established players as they try to build the guild, but is it all really needed to introduce a guild to someone? I don't really think so.
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    Awesome indeed. Exactly what i was hoping to see! I agree about the length; while all are great, if you pared it down to the first, third, and last paragraphs it would say enough to get the idea across but not be too long.
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    So jealous.  :x

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    Perfectly clean, this eyeball has been wrenched from the socket of Dylara. It has been animated by some unusual force, constantly looking around itself as if in shock or fear. It is bathed in a light covering of white flames that roll endlessly over its surface. A single chain of empyreal metal pierces either side of the eye, allowing it to be worn around the neck.

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    I'm so glad the thing I thought was too blatant in the main text hasn't been noticed. I'm sure this will make several very specific people really happy.

    It begins.
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    Personally I don't think it's too long. If anything, when I was a newbie trying to learn what the frack things and places and orgs were, I wished the help files were longer and more informative. 

    I like. I really like. Never been more tempted to roll a Gaudi than after reading that.

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    Hehe... I like it. If I ever pry myself away from the enchantment pentagram and my ever-growing mountain of cubes, I will look forward to it.
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    I've been pretty meh to the Illuminator concept this entire time, but I'm pretty pleased with how this turned out, and can safely say I will have a very hard choice to make when I inevitably orghop back to Gaudi.
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    Oh this is so cool!
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