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    This is the real Torgaddon, full title Captain Tarik Torgaddon of the 2nd Company of the Luna Wolves Legion.
    The last of the Lunar Wolves to die NOT a traitor to the Emperor of Mankind, he was a good character even leading up to his death.
    I am a huge Warhammer 40k fan, I love the novels. 

    Though the real, Tarik Torgaddon is a warrior, he was a joker. He never carried a rough exterior even when his job of slaughtering was somewhat intimidating:

    Moreover, I love werwolves in lore and fiction, so it was no wonder Torgaddon would be lupine and Loboshigaru.

    A little Harry Potter fandom, hehe.  

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    I....I made my favorite youtuber a lusternia character ;-;
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    Oh,didn't notice this interesting thread.
    Well,as of Dusiana,I wasn't inspired by a particular character if we're talking about her personality.
    But maybe I can say that she has an attitude a bit like Venus the amazon from "Bill & Teds' Excellent Adventures" cartoon:

    However,I think that the personality of a character can be also shaped by events that happen during its life. That's why I find it difficult to give a "standard full personality" to Dusiana at the moment.

    Regarding her look (especially her hairstyle) I was inspired by the witch Circe as depicted on a Winx Club comic:

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    Do I even need to say more?
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    I have defiantly taken some inspiration from Tavore Paran from the Malazan series and Kitiara Uth Matar from the Dragonlance books in terms of personality.
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    Veyils said:
    I have defiantly taken some inspiration from Tavore Paran from the Malazan series and Kitiara Uth Matar from the Dragonlance books in terms of personality.
    What is defiantly taken inspiration?  "I will take this whether you like it or not!" ?
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    erk typos again sigh
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    Before the Institute came out, Orventa was a Sentinel agent and new to the city.

    Quorra: for her wide-eyed optimism and determination

    She came to dislike conflict and combat however, and joined up to become a healer with the Institute.

    And became  more like a mix of Radia, Quora's mentor, and Lady Isobel on Downton. Empathic, sometimes aggressively progressive.


    With the passing of old friends, family, and her husband, she's since retired from teaching and administrative duties to become a youthful looking 'Grandma' that's full-time explorer, cook and philanthropist.

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    This may be a bit egotistical or what not. But I had no template for Xypher. He is, or was my first year of college self's super of the ego. The ideal self of a younger me >.>

    The rest and how he wound up? Is simply how the character developed on his own. And yes, he started Dracnari, but that's cause I myself have always said I'm more lizard than person with my love of heat and being warm!
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    Princess Pippilotta of Villa Villekulla.

    And maybe a little...

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    Tylwyth is inspired by both Sage and Royal of the Merry Gentry books. And the Darach of Teenwolf.

    FOR pposters who aren't steingrim:

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    Notice a theme?

    And a bonus, a specifically cited inspiration, both in character and out, positive and negative:

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    HK-47 FTW.
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