• WeiwaeWeiwae Member, Gods Posts: 352 Divine
    Estarra said:

    Voting has reset! While you're under no obligation to vote, let's try to get to the top ten because Trader Bob needs some love!


    What She said.
  • RilunaRiluna Member Posts: 1,062 Mythical
    Starmourn is doing better than us. Starmourn does not currently exist as an actual MUD.

    Mayor Steingrim, the Grand Schema says to you, "Well, as I recall you kinda leave a mark whereever you go."
  • EstarraEstarra Administrator, Moderator Posts: 814 Creator
    edited January 3
    It's 2017, people! Let's start the year off right and get us in the Top Ten!

    Vote! Vote ! Vote!
  • ShaddusShaddus *Heavy Breathing Intensifies*Member Posts: 7,131 Transcendent
    Your link isn't working for some reason, bosslady.
  • SylandraSylandra (title goes here) Member Posts: 3,650 Transcendent
    Worked for me?
    Fyler said:
    Sylandra has a very signature (and somewhat twisted) sense of humor
  • ShaddusShaddus *Heavy Breathing Intensifies*Member Posts: 7,131 Transcendent
    Hah, works now. Awesome.
  • EstarraEstarra Administrator, Moderator Posts: 814 Creator
    We're 2 votes away from getting in the Top Ten! Vote!
  • EjderhaEjderha Member Posts: 18 Apprentice
  • BreandrynBreandryn Member Posts: 1,300 Transcendent
    Aetolia is beating us. Don't let the vampires win!
  • KarlachKarlach God of Kittens. Member Posts: 3,673 Transcendent
    We're behind BatMud.

    This is unacceptable, VOTE!

    The divine voice of Avechna, the Avenger reverberates powerfully, "Congratulations, Morkarion, you are the Bringer of Death indeed."

    You see Estarra the Eternal shout, "Morkarion is no more! Mourn the mortal! But welcome True Ascendant Karlach, of the Realm of Death!

  • CiaranCiaran Member Posts: 617 Fabled
    Gaiz we're behind Imperian.  It hurts my soul!!! Vote, for the puppies, and the kittens! (And the birds, but nobody really likes birds)
    To me you're forever the kick runner from 3 years ago, the guy who does domoths when no one is online and whines that he's got no competition, and the guy that use to only turn up to fights when the numbers favoured him.
  • AnitaAnita Member Posts: 393 Mythical
    We're above Imperian now!

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