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  • DrauzgotDrauzgot Member Posts: 9 Novice
    To weigh in on the "Appointed Secondary Leadership" thing, where you have one elected leader and two people they pick: They had this sort of leadership structure in both Midkemia and still have it in Aetolia, and it is very easy to end up with an organization that's completely stacked for one player rather than a truly democratic society. You also run into the issue of having people appointed for positions that they are either not qualified for, or don't perform well, or whatever and the main leader won't get rid of them because they're friends or whatever.

    I do think it's important to be able to elect all three leaders, both for the health of the organization and the morale of the actual players in an organization.

    I also like the idea of not having city leadership based off of the organizations within it, i.e. not having faction leaders automatically be in a council positions. They also have this in Aetolia and had it in Midkemia, and you elected all positions. In Midkemia, they then elected their own city leader from the people who were there.

    Chances are, everyone's going to be in an organization, so there should be accurate guild representation with at least one person from each faction on the council.
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    Or just have one leader that anyone can contest at any time.
  • DrauzgotDrauzgot Member Posts: 9 Novice
    After re-reading the first post, the single leader thing does seem rather good - especially since the guild representative has to be elected after it's appointed. That does prevent us from having to deal with too much nepotism.

    Having one guild leader can cause a case of severe sucking up, though, which can cause its own sort of drama.
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    Saran said: ...
    Based on this post, it seems like you're suggesting that the two roles who are not responsible for the system can go against the wishes of the one who is and kick out people they don't like? Seems like in trying to avoid drama new avenues are being created. Really, it's like people from other departments at a workplace firing you without necessarily talking to your boss about it.
    No I am suggesting that the person who's job is to remove a type of person has to convince one of their peers. Using a current example. I new GC couldn't remove someone from protector or security unilaterally.

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