Magnagoran Factions - Finalised

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Infernal Mandate (INFERNALS)

Nil-born and tempered in the fires of its deepest pits, they have but one mandate from the Supreme Master: "Damnation and Dominion over All". The Midnight Legion, the souls damned to Nil for eternal torment, must swell in number and the Infernals have been tasked with reaping the souls of the Basin to empower the Dominator himself. Luciphage is eternally patient and so are his Infernals - they embrace the revered undeath that they may fall and rise, no task too perilous, no obstacle too grand for the undying. Cunning and manipulation are their weapons, but so is brute strength when the situation calls upon it. Power is its own reward but by empowering themselves, they also empower the Supreme Master. 

Iniquitous Society (SOCIETY)

The Society scoffs at no man's darkest desires for each of their members has a wicked agenda of their own. Not for the weak of heart or those prone to black and white morality, they embrace those who fear not walking the thin line between madness and success; there is no wrong path in the name of progress. The Society is the only place where they find their equals but even among peers there is no peace. Only here can they vie for the most scandalous proposal, brag of the most outrageous experiment, or compete for the highest death toll . Bedecked as gentlemen and ladies, they hide the corruption and darkness behind the masks of high society and revel in this obscene game of pretend with one another. Many turn their nose up at it, and still make it far in the Society, for even then they are better than everyone else who serves mindlessly and who does not reach farther, higher, for that unattainable "enough".

Heralds of Dark Fates (HERALDS)

In the Verses of Magnora was its transformation foretold, but first Magnagora paid obeisance to the Fates and worshiped the Five Truths of Shallamar. It was only once Their treachery was revealed and the transformation complete, that the city was able to see the entire picture clearly: they have been instruments of the Fates and little else, to be woven into the Tapestry with no regard for their own will. No more, the Heralds have risen from the ranks of Magnagorans to cast the shackles of the wicked Sisters of Fate aside and forge their own path - devise their own Dark Fates. Guided by the spiritual teachings of the Demon Lords and tempered by the wisdom of the ancient Earth Lords, the Heralds seek to transform into ideal Magnagorans - enlightened, empowered, unchained.

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  • LeolaminsLeolamins Member Posts: 351 Fabled
    Wait no Ur'Guard?.....


    06/30/2014 19:37 Silvanus channels the power of the Megalith of Doom for you, stripping you of your Vernal Ascendant status.......bastard!!

  • VeyilsVeyils Member Posts: 1,434 Mythical
    I like the names. At first glance from an outsider view The Society comes across as the roleplay stay at home and hold balls/galas/do political intrigue style of faction. Infernal's has got a worship demons and destruction and go out and spread the destruction to folks feel to it and the Heralds comes across as a more spiritual preach the word and message faction based on their blurbs.

  • MaligornMaligorn Windborne Member Posts: 2,666 Transcendent
    I really, really love the description of the Heralds of Dark Fates. I don't think enough people know about the Nihilist RP and I love that it's getting a spotlight.

  • LavinyaLavinya Former Queen of Snark AustraliaMember Posts: 3,354 Transcendent
    Really happy with our final names! And not going to lie, i think it will be difficult to decide where I put Lavinya. I think that's a good thing, we're going to get such a good cross mix of player types in our factions I think! 

  • AlisaAlisa Member Posts: 22 Capable
    I think I know where exactly Alisa will fit in those three. I'm quite content with the names and the descriptions for each faction. Now to see them actualised!
  • DrakiusDrakius Member Posts: 302 Gifted
    I wasn't feeling factions when announced but this shit has me so hyped
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    If you rip out the other's intestines and weave them into a funny hat before the person dies, you double your cityfavors.
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  • SylvanasSylvanas Member Posts: 268 Expert
    Just saw the final names now! Took a forums break.

    I LOVE them. Thank you for all the work you've done so far and all the work I know you'll continue to do as factions come closer! @Drocilla @Weiwae @Hoaracle @Lisaera
    @Ianir @Isune @Thax and I KNOW I am missing some names here! But love to you all!
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  • NieveaNievea Member Posts: 19 Apprentice
    I went with the Infernals, but it was a hard decision. The Heralds seem like so much fun, too.
  • OrtiOrti Member Posts: 100 Capable
    If Orti was a Magnagoran, I don't know if he would be for the Heralds or for the Infernals.

    On one hand, to me the Infernals feel like the Ur'Guard and as we all know, Ur'Guard are perhaps among the best guilds out there. On the other hand, Heralds are basically the best of Nihilists and Geomancers, which is really nice.

    Nicely done, Magnagorans!

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