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    Italian house within Lombardia(nationality conflict is recommended) from one county to the HRE, unlocked with monks&mystics so it was a great ride overall. I'd also recommend playing a patrician family in a merchant republic.
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    So, someone pointed out that there's an ancient religion mod. It even has an event based on Julian the Apostate, who was the coolest of all emperors. This appealed to my interests. It is amazing. I haven't even done Greek pagans yet. Only druids. But the flavor is delightful, and the mechanics are interesting. I won't get to wipe out the Catholic church this run, largely because Charlemagne became a Cathar and mostly did it for me, but I'll save that for actually bringing back Rome next campaign.
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    (Necro, but I don't feel like making an entirely new thread, as it's still relevant to this one. So deal.)

    Has anyone had any success with the mechanics that let you manipulate Catholic bishops/pope elections and such?

    I feel like there could be some fun stories with it, though it takes ages for me to have success. I almost got a friendly real Pope once, only for my poor king to die and his hedonistic son (who the church hated anyway) take over and it was all for nothing. :(

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    didn't know this thread was a thing, so THANKS @Riluna.

    I recently bought a humble bundle that had a few games I didn't need, including Crusader Kings. If you want the Steam key, courtesy of your favourite greefy leafy thiefy treedude, drop me a forums message. Don't be a dick and take the key from me just to sell it. I won't know that you're a bad person, but you'll know. You'll know.
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