Help With Wallaby Furrikin Description

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I am just getting started in Listurnia, and I need help with my vision of a wallaby furrikin. I am totally blind, and I have never seen, or petted, a wallaby, so my initial attempt comes from online research. But I feel like there is a lot missing, or much that could be enhanced.

These are the specifics I need help with.

1. wallaby hands and feet - no idea what they're like, are they hooves?

2. fur coloring

3. General Impressions - What should I add more to, or take away from to make this a great RP description?

Mirel is a druid, and she's not a combative sort. Although she will fight, she prefers kindness and enjoying the beauty in life. I would almost describe her as placid, but that wouldn't make sense if someone looked at her when she was fighting. I would like to make some reference to the fact that she could be a healer, but that might be the property of the wiccan Moondancers, and I wasn't sure about including it. So here's what I have, and any help would be greatly appreciated. (Especially any ideas for how I can use the word "fur" less than a hundred times in a description).

Concept: Wallaby Furrikin

Theme: Druid

She is a bouncing furrikin, resembling a wallaby. She is two and a half feet tall, and slender in build. Her body is covered in silky light grey fur, which drifts into a creamy white patch on her belly, where her pouch is located. She has a powerful silver-grey tail which helps her balance and move quickly. Her legs are long and muscular, covered in light grey fur

The fur on her face and throat is cream-colored. Her soft white snout ends with a blunt pink nose. Delicate whiskers frame a rounded chin covered in snowy white fur. She has large, triangular, silver-tipped ears. Her wide-set golden eyes twinkle with merriment most of the time, and she is almost always smiling.


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    Hands and feet are not unlike a rabbit's or a raccoon's. No opposable thumb, but long fingers and sharp claws. The hind legs are well developed and thicker than the fore.

    For fur, I use 'coat', 'hide' and 'pelt' a lot, though technically the latter two are only supposed to be after the creature in question is dead. Technically. You can also use 'hair' or just 'colours/colouration' in some places.
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