What happened to you today?

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Stealing this off @Sarapis on the Achaea forums >_>

This thread is for when you want to talk about what happened to you in-game today or recently in a non-rant-y/rave-y manner, but don't consider it important enough to warrant starting a new thread.  (Guess you could call it a bragging thread?)

I'll start off:  Finally finished the quests in the Czigany Wayfaire (again).  Always enjoy doing them :-)
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  • VersaleanVersalean Member Posts: 892 Mythical
    So I spent my lunch break (yes, I'm sad) finally writing the rules of some contests I want to run for the Glomn00bs. Not sure if that counts, but to my mind, that is what Versalean the character has spent today doing so far :)
  • MoiMoi Member Posts: 1,123 Transcendent
    She helped Magee Gladheart return the golden salmon to the Toronada River.

    She has been engaged to be married to Disciple to the Tah'vrai, Andraste Shee-Slaugh for 5 months.

  • EnadonellaEnadonella Member Posts: 306 Gifted
    My llama grew! I killed a bunch of creatures, waited for those big brave bounty hunters, pranced around catacombs for the first time in a long time, and then had a nice chat at the Flame about monogamy. All in all 8/10 kinda day.
  • EssEss Member Posts: 164 Adept
    Sat down with @Adal and sorted my life out over a glass of wine.

    Best sister ever! 
  • OrdassaOrdassa Member Posts: 333 Master
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    spent time with my favourite person, soaked in the bath, drafted wedding jewellery & did bards & scholars & pilgrims. Ordassa is one happy trill.

    Did more collecting, got drunk, woke up with an odd dream and many questions
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  • LorinaLorina Member Posts: 134 Gifted
    Today I saw a novice and decided to "Ooo" and "Ahhh" them with neat tricks. Then somehow, they get warned that I am dangerous. Blasphemy! But it was fun. @Adal

  • EssEss Member Posts: 164 Adept
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    Saved the world. @Shango helped a bit
  • VersaleanVersalean Member Posts: 892 Mythical
    Logged in to farm my urtraps. Was accosted by a commune member who dragged a bewildered Versalean to get cured from Unity. Needless to say, Versalean was Unpleased and is now undergoing Unity Detox. Personally, glad that that character arc is drawing to a close :) <3 #Moiisawesome <3
  • OrdassaOrdassa Member Posts: 333 Master
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    died alot. hunted simulacrums with @Makaela . Stocked city shop. I've an avatar of vengeance tailing me around now. :D

    must crack on with design list!
  • EssEss Member Posts: 164 Adept
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    Starting putting the boy band together. Got two stages to play on working on three for the Basin tour

    Frittered away time with @Xeii, @Thayan, @Nilofer and @Slunk

    Love you guys!
  • RetherianRetherian Member Posts: 24 Inept
    Finished parts 3,4, and 5 of a five part design contest entry...then I sat and wondered if I could start a class specific org to maintain the lore of the guardian archetype...call it the Church of the United Nihilists
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