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Lusternians come and go. Some of us leave more of an impact than others.

In my case, @Lendren and @Nejii are standouts as top-of-the-line, everything we wanted Serenwilde to be. Nominations for Ascendant, if it weren't all about combat. And they left a lasting impact, and legacy.

How about you, and why?

EDIT - People have been referring to these players as "legends" which flows better than the previous title.

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  • LuceLuce Fox Populi Member Posts: 2,403 Transcendent
    @Sylandra, @Daraius, @Portius and @Phoebus are or were at one time ideal Hallifaxians that influenced the way I play Hallifaxians. 

    Likewise for @Shric and @Fania in Celest. @Inagin certainly had an impact, and won't soon be forgotten, as did @Nydekion and @Malicia

    @Meliana is someone one of my early alts ADORED, but I don't know if she qualifies. 
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    @Kalodan may not always have been popular but he's someone that sticks out as working to take Snugglewilde and make it Serenwilde. Particularly through the identity loss of the Celenwilde war.
  • SylandraSylandra Friend of Dog Member Posts: 4,334 Transcendent
    Based on when I first started out, in no particular order: @Nihmriel, @Arel, @Ileein, @Daraius, @Phoebus, @Shedrin, @Ushaara, @Casilu.
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    @Murphy, @Shayle, @Lyco, @Ceres/Fillin, @Amaru, @Diamante, @Arel, @Athana, @Geb, @Kaervas...

    Sure I missed some, but those were the 'Legends' in my formative years.
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  • VersaleanVersalean Member Posts: 955 Mythical
    Being newer, my list is shorter, but these were the big folks when Versa was a wee sapling.

    The Good

    @Emar, Whose Words Still Echo
    @Crek, a Giant of Crow 
    @Celina, of Blaze and Glory

    The Bad

    @Avurekhos, Avatar of Ravenous Antlers
    @Ciaran, Unseen, Yet Felt
    @Falmiis, Freezing Mist in the Prison

    And... (sorry, but she's famous) The Ugly

    @Fralunah, the Hornet Unrelenting

    Honestly, of this list, Emar gets top spot purely because Versa never once met him. Literally, a legend.
  • AnnickAnnick Member Posts: 243 Adept
    The Merloch, Ibby, Jasper, Elryn, Gwynevere, All of the Priestesses of the Naos, Muns and Nars, Tuek, Panda Clan... oh so many 
  • UshaaraUshaara Schrödinger's Traitor Member Posts: 1,264 Transcendent
    @Sylandra 's list would be pretty much identical to my own, but swap me out, throw her in, and add @Llesvelt

    On an old Glom character I had that I no longer remember the name of, @Ried
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    No Winnae here? Jeez.

  • EveriineEveriine Wise Old Swordsbird / Brontaur Three Lakes, WIMember Posts: 2,825 Transcendent
    I <3 Winnae.
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  • HiriakoHiriako Member Posts: 374 Gifted
    I miss Winnae. Also, @Everiine. I've always enjoyed our character's interactions. Even when Hiri was being an ass!
  • ShaddusShaddus , the Leper Messiah Outside your window.Member Posts: 7,751 Transcendent
    Narsrim. Definitely Narsrim.

    Also: Vathael (rip), Forren (wish we had got along better), Talkan (surprisingly cool to work alongside if he doesn't know you're Shaddus), Aison (also amazingly cool period), Talan (miss you), Altrea (miss your tough love), Vivet ( astoundingly helpful and charitable to a fault).

    Also legends in their own way: Terentia, Fain, Eventru, Crumkane, and Thax.
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  • saobuttsaobutt Member Posts: 36 Novice
    @Lendren, @Zia, @Ialie ; from my first character experience in Seren

  • AnitaAnita Member Posts: 755 Transcendent
    @Aramel and @Aeldra are two people Ani has always looked up to since she was a wee little Moondancer wanting to be a priestess. I am still in awe of you both, still look up to ya! :blush:
  • KagatoKagato Carmichael, CAMember Posts: 1,222 Mythical
    Ayridion/Ilyarin is a commonly known individual in Celest despite only poking his head in very rarely, due to being the first ascension winner and the only player to become a god character before the system switched to ascendants (not including the Xynthin event)
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  • TekoraTekora Member Posts: 337 Gifted
    An underrated legend in my mind was @Faragan, who I feel shaped a large part of the better half of Celest culture. His work as part of the Celestines in shaping the lore of the Supernals and their teachings had and still has a large effect on my character, even today. 
  • TenakaTenaka Member Posts: 42 Capable
    Tekora said:
    An underrated legend in my mind was @Faragan, who I feel shaped a large part of the better half of Celest culture. His work as part of the Celestines in shaping the lore of the Supernals and their teachings had and still has a large effect on my character, even today. 
    @faragan is one of very few people in Gaudiguch that I deeply respect.
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