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Okay, some of you may or may not like me, but I'm in need of some assistance. I'm wishing to get more into RP, instead of being my normal asshat-ish self and getting pissed off about everything (Which mainly comes from OOC stuffs) but with that aside..

I'll eventually post my results after I complete them.. But first I need a sort of "outline" on where to begin. Which I plan on building a Family RP first, before I go into a character RP.

So, basically, what I need is for you to imagine yourself interviewing me ( for the Gaudiguch Gossip maybe?) about my intended family. What sort of questions would you ask? I'm going to use some of these questions to build the RP around my family IG.

Thanks in advance for any and all assistance!


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    What is your family known for? Do you have any sort of regular family get-togethers?
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  • DaebachDaebach Member Posts: 12 Inept
    I guess I should have included in my initial post..

    The things I do have:
    1. origination (Where they originated from, and descendants)
    2.Important founders, which also ties a bit in with the Origination
    3. Specifics on any feats the family had to endure upon coming to the Basin.
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    What goal(s) drive(s) your family, and why?
    Does your family have any traditions?
    What does your family value?
    What disagreements do you have with your family's goals and traditions?
    If your family is originally from Gaudiguch, Hallifax, or Ackleberry, were any family members lost to the Taint Wars? How did the family cope with those losses?
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