May 2018 Canadian Meet: Ottawa or Toronto?

SylvanasSylvanas Member Posts: 268 Expert
Hey all! I had such a blast at last year's meet in NYC. I just wanted to gauge interest in a meet in Ottawa or Toronto.

I will be travelling to either Ottawa or Toronto at the end of May/possibly June for vacation and it would be awesome to include a day with some Lusternians -  or coffee, brunch, or whatever we might end up doing! I'm open to everything!

Let me know your interest/availability!
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  • IanirIanir Administrator, Moderator Posts: 482 Creator
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    I can potentially do Toronto if you do it there, but hard to say this far off. I have no idea where on the map Ottawa is, but that might be a possibility too.

    EDIT: I just found a map. Ottawa is definitely a possibility if I can manage a meet then at all.
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  • saobuttsaobutt Member Posts: 34 Novice
    I'm moving to Canada in a few months. Looking forward to meeting people and having fun!
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