Nexus system?

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Is there a nexus based system out there anyone would be willing to share? I'm not talking holy crap kill them all pvp system, just your basic bashing/influencing/ratting type system. Before anyone says get mudlet, I've tried it, it hates me, and my brain is to broken to be able to code in it. (even for simple triggers) I've been slowly cobbling together hunting and stuff but figured I'd at least ask if anyone has something like I need. I freely admit I'm an idiot, I can't even figure out how to set up aliases to swap variables in nexus :( 


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    With server side curing, Nexus should be able to hold it's own for a lot of stuff relatively out of the box.
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    Serverside curing should be able to handle the curing side of things. For basic bashing and influencing, there hasn't been anything released to my knowledge. If nobody gets to it and I find the time, I'll see if I can roll something together. I can't really promise it will be any time soon, but we should really be supporting Nexus better on our end.
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    There's a system named Crystalship for aetherhunting that was put up by Kilian for Nexus, if you're interested in that kind of activity.
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    @Moi is there one for empowering? LOL that's what I'm usually doing :) but this is awesome and it imported quite easily too thank you so much
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    IE for empower!
  • MaimahMaimah Member Posts: 5 Inept
    @Moi thank you sugar! works amazing :) 
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    Okay, correct thread this time!

    This package contains a single alias, AUTODEBATE <target>. It will automatically change your mindset to a random mindset, rub focus and debate your target with a random debate attack every time you enter that alias.

    Much love to my friend Nougat who helped me figure out how to write an RNG in javascript. Semicolons are finicky things, apparently.
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    Can not say enough good things about you @Moi

    Much <3
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