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  • Re: Artifact Ideas

    Kagato said:
    Any chance of an upgrade to one of the artifacts to speed up charging of cubes?  Currently it is almost painfully slow, taking 16 minutes and 40 seconds to charge a single unruned cube from empty (ENCHANT CUBE pulses every 5 seconds, generating 5 charges, meaning it takes 1000 seconds to fill an unruned cube.)  Charging a cube with a level 1 rune currently takes 1,538 seconds (around 26 minutes), a little over 75% of the time it would take to charge 2 unruned cubes, but still a long time.

    It could possibly be done as an upgrade to the flux capacitor, or to the lens artifact, either one would make sense RP-wise and would be worth the investment.
    I'm not sure of the method provided, but I'd like to second this. Charging cubes is a really painful and boring excerise right now, probably only seconded by herbalism ( though at least you move rooms then ). It's literal hours of standing still where you really can't do -anything-, being more or less forced to idle. You can tweak the amount going into your cube and I upgraded my 'charging cube' to the max to make it a little less painful, but if memory serves it's still ~20 minutes per cube. That is a lot of time if you're running an aethershop.

    Personally I'd net a few credits for something that increases charging speed. I'd be fine to have this merged into an existing artifact, e. g. the gloves of mastery or the flux capacitor as well. As it is, I turn down people who ask for having their cubes recharged outside of when I have time and idle long enough to do shop restockings simply because the time delay is too long.
  • Re: Artifact Ideas

    Atiya said:
    A gnomish grappling hook
    This hook allows you to SCALE <+/-> <1-8> up or down a mountain quickly (however with a massive balance recovery time based on the scale number). If you already possess the Mountaineering ability in Environment, this recover is cut by 1/4. Aka Rasebal's quest sucks, gulagoyles suck.
    There's countless events and quests where scaling really is hindering. I'd personally settle for an artifact that cuts the balance cost of scaling by 1/2 or something like that. Maybe give the scaling skill if you don't have it, but if you have it, you gain a 50% cut. Likewise, I've always felt like being able to fly should give you the chance to land on a particular elevation, which would also be a solution to me, even though it may overbuff flying.
  • Re: Simple Ideas

    Not sure how simple we're talking about here, but I personally always felt it's a damn shame having made a sizable amount of paintings and never having a realistic chance to show them off somewhere. One painting per room, will never let my manse be big enough to show them all without a lot of investment. Whether the solution would be a 'gallery artifact', a 'gallery' manse room upgrade, or simple an increase in paintings per room... I wouldn't really care too much, as long as that thing got itself handled.
  • Re: Aetherships!

    Personally would love to see aetherships having more uses too, both in solo and group activity. Right now, there's little to no incentive to even have one save for the wildly known and there mostly org ships cover it.

    Apart of that, I'd really love to see aethership hunting  getting a good ol' look and maybe eventually a bit of an overhaul. It's the most boring activity in lusternia I can possibly think of and basically numbs my brain within half an hour.
  • Re: Artifact Ideas

    Kali said:
    Collar of eternal youth!
    Like a beastmaster collar, but also keeps a beast from ever growing to adulthood.
    Would go further and make a
    "Beastmasters time manipulation device"
    Which allows you to set the age of your beast and even completely halt it. Sometimes you want a beast to 'grow up already', sometimes you want it to be 'stay cute fluffy little thing' forever. I'd love to see both options.