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  • Re: Family Trees

    @Selenity May take me a few days, but maybe I give it a shot
  • Re: Artifact Ideas

    For me, artifacts that let me move around the basin faster, are quite a blessing, but my main gripe with them always is "how will this affect events such as ascension trials?" when I think of it, but decided I'd suggest it anyway, maybe a way can be found to deal with these during events.

    booklet of basin maps
    An artifact that can hold several 'maps' of areas in the basin. The artifact itself only holds one map, and that is pointing to your city/commune nexus. The map provides the following commands:

    basinmap add <map> - add a new map to your basin map
    basinmap travel <mapname> - teleport ( standard teleport delay? ) to the area in question.
    basinmap list - shows all the maps you have

    maps would be separate items sold, allowing people to customize their traveling to areas as they want/need it. e. g. there would be a 'map of tolborolla' allowing to travel to tolborolla, map of the undervault, map of the iceburn plains, etc.

    Not sure if something like this wouldn't open a pandora's box, still it is something that would make me, personally, happy.
  • Re: Dreamweaving Concerns

    Just towards 'insomnia' and any changes related to it. Even if there were any support to affecting insomnia in some way, it would automatically empower all sleeplocks out there and we really do not want them ( I made a whole thread trying to rid Moondancers of their sleeplocks. Sleeplocks are nasty, evil and no)

    Besides, I have the impression that the Envoy of the Hartstone has a good grasp on Dreamweaving, so if you feel there's something neccessary it may be a good idea to talk to her. ( I do not think there is, but I can not judge dreamweaving )

    Also, please do not grief lowbies. ( that goes for everybody ). We need more real newbies staying, not lose them because of griefing on the first few weeks.

    @Fralunah I have no real fitting thing to say aside of "please consider what you are doing to others and if you could handle it if it was done to you.". PK is fun, giving others a chase is fun, but there's limits when fun turns into annoyance and then into actual grief. I have faith that you realize when it's time to pull back a little.
  • Re: Tweets VII: Tweet Child of Mine

    Can we please drop this "but the other side did it" argument :( ? We all have seen the thing we complain about on the other side and we fail to see it on our own people. Regardless the iteration, 80% of tweets seems to be about the same issue. I'd love for us to go back to actual tweets ( because they can be really entertaining )

    As much as I hate it, maybe it's time we break up our alliances and reform, simply to get this skewed perspectives out of our head.
  • Re: The 'essence' problem and the hunt for ideas to solve it

    I don't think we should focus on the ascendant powers at all, though I must admit that one of the easiest ways to create a consistent essence drain is to use it for bashing ;)

    Apart of RP powers, maybe some sort of relocation powers may be interesting? like using essence to teleport to specific places that you'd usually need / want to get to? Main problem here is to not interfere with all the artifacts that exist for that.

    I personally could also get behind some nonsensical things like animating lifeless objects into temporary walking / controlable creatures. Aeldra would totally walk around temporarily animating flowers ( now I have that picture stuck in my head... waaaah ). The way that could work, would be, you take a non quest object item and point your essence at it. After a long balance / channel it show signs of life and start moving on it's own, turning into kind of a minature living thing. You'd have limited control over it's action. Naturally wouldn't have any use in combat, but maybe could have some minor impact onto influencing / bashing if it really -needs- an impact ( I feel like it don't, just one of those random things I'd probably end up using because it's cute).

    Idea's I general struggle with ( thus this thread ) :wink: