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  • Re: Descriptions: From Divines to Mortals, and Beasts, and Items, and Mobs, and Places!

    So it seems all the worlds are the same:

    A mountainous mass of flesh-given-life towers overhead, its bulbous structure entirely unlike any
    lifeform of this world. All along the bloated monstrosity, wrinkles and then creases form upon its
    quivering outer layer like rivers deepening into ravines, only to disappear as the sarcous substrate
    reforms time and again. Bloody seams rip open to reveal mouths, lined with jagged, omni-directional
    teeth, that attempt to consume anything they fall upon before engorged sinews re-suture the
    makeshift maws as though they were but temporary wounds. Betwixt these gaping, temporary cavities,
    folds of mottled flesh part here and there to birth thousands of gargantuan, unfocused eyes.
    Strangely unseeing of the world they gaze upon, the eyes instead reflect fleeting glimpses of a
    singular figure as he ascends to heights of great power. In each unique vision of ascension, the
    individual stands obvious in his victory, glowing with righteous power; yet no sooner than each
    scene begins to transition to the remnants of a corrupted, melting world that trail in the oblivious
    viscantis shadowy wake, the corresponding eye finds itself almost instantaneously consumed by a
    freshly ripped mouth as piles of distended flesh constantly fold over and consume one another.

    These are the names I have so far, but if you can add to them, thank you!:
    Consumed, Subjugated, Dying, Broken, Blighted, Vanquished, Felled, Conquered, Overpowered, Obliterated, Ruined, Annihilated, Cowed, Humbled, Devastated, Wasted, Shattered, Overwhelmed, Overthrown, Quelled, Foiled, Blasted, Surmounted, Ravaged, Demolished, Defeated, Thwarted, Doomed, Devoured, Subdued, Sunken, Razed,


    The Dark Emperor
    A single glance would lend this figure the appearance of nothing more than a robed and cowled figure
    of shimmering gold. Closer, and under more scrutiny, the creature's twisted nature is revealed.
    Multicoloured flayed skin warped into a new shape covers his spindly hands, visible through its wide
    sleeves; he wears no footwear on his half whole, half melted feet. When he moves abruptly, there is
    a glimpse of the terrible face within the cowl: desiccated skin that might once have been scaled,
    sunken sockets that contain blazing eyes of flame, a hooked nose that ends halfway down in a
    gruesome display of bone and sinew. The scent of burned flesh and bitter brine hangs around him,
    almost nauseating in its power.

    The Ordained Magician
    Staring haughtily about with a trio of mesmerising eyes, this creature is bursting with energy in
    his undulating flesh, which moves as if boiling. A thin circlet of silver rests upon the pulsating,
    bulbous head, which is otherwise covered in a black hooded cloak. Rays of erratic light beam from
    the figure through his impeccable shirt and purple velvet vest. His hands bear slick tendrils with
    suckers in place of fingers, and they are wrapped around a crackling powergem in one hand and a
    flaming scroll in the other; his flesh is illuminated but not consumed. A nimbus of flickering
    current weaves about his strong legs and coalesces into a brilliant cloud about his polished leather
    boots. He floats in the the air as if above the petty cares of the world while psionic waves issue
    from him like rippling heat.

    The Megalomanical Lust
    At first glance, this male trill appears to be a perfect specimen of his race, with a cap of downy
    feathers tousled just so atop his beautifully sculpted face. Sable wings arch gracefully from his
    broad shoulders, vaned feathers fluttering in an errant draft. His tastefully ornate armour is
    embossed with symbols of prophecy, the runic markings aglow with shifting prismatic colours. Upon
    closer inspection, a deep, gnawing hunger can be seen in his expression, as if perfection alone were
    a flawed concept. His inscrutable dark eyes roam constantly, assessing his surroundings for
    potential ways to usurp or supplant whatever might come between him and his goals. A flicker of
    madness manifests in his expression, gone almost instantly, his breath suddenly quickening before he
    regains his composure.

    The Imprisoned Hermit
    Torn scraps of long decayed clothing barely envelop the form of this fleshy monstrosity. Its skin is
    pocked and discoloured, gathered in strange ways as if too much of it had been wrapped over too
    little bone. Crude attempts have been made to secure it regardless, as bands of tighter flesh wrap
    at random points along its arms and limbs, the strip around its throat giving the appearance of a
    vicious scar. Chains dangle from its wrists and ankles, trailing off with rusted iron links that
    scrape upon the ground. It is surrounded by thick, cloying threads of shadow that wrap around it in
    a comforting embrace.

    The Enigmatic Teacher
    Shrouded within arcane robes of deep indigo towers a figure, tall and proud. Beneath its cowl gleams
    a piercingly intelligent gaze, though the rest of the figure's facial figures are shadowed and
    indistinct. The robes have been embroidered with the highmagic spheres in glimmering silver threads.
    In one outstretched hand it bears an intricate model of the planarverse, close inspection revealing
    that it appears to have been crafted from something waxy and pale. The planes seem to shift uneasily,
    each lapping hungrily at its neighbours. Though much of the figure is obscured, the hand upon which
    the model rests is visible, the skin pale and lumpen, seeming almost to melt into that which it

  • Re: Descriptions: From Divines to Mortals, and Beasts, and Items, and Mobs, and Places!


    Power waxes within the gargantuan portal, its dark core fluctuating with gold and silver, blue and yellow. As the colours swirl into a single, humanoid figure, they become whole and step forth from the portal: a fleshcrafted monstrosity of the Dark Emperor.

    "Glory to the Light," snarls the monstrous form of the Dark Emperor, his fiery eyes waxing with power. Raising a clawed hand, he summons a twisted skein of Astral power and whips it out towards Astrasia. She stumbles and bats at the empty air in front of her face.

    A twisted smile curves across the Dark Emperor half-melted lips, the feral expression causing his flaming eyes to wax with power. "Just as the Lord promised," he sneers triumphantly.

    With a great sweep of his hands, the Dark Emperor conjures a great wall of fetid water that sweeps to cascade over all around him, sending you stumbling and spluttering for breath.

    Sickly yellow light suffuses the Dark Emperor as he whirls around to face Astrasia, a vicious smile turning his desiccated lips. "Kneel before your Emperor," he sneers, the psychic pressure of his command too much for Astrasia to withstand.

    The Dark Emperor has been slain by Kendra.
    As the form of the Dark Emperor becomes battered and broken beyond repair, it bursts in a conflagration of flame. The tendrils cascade down to the ground and wax viciously, rising into two monstrosities of the Enigmatic Teacher.


    "Attend!" commands the Enigmatic Teacher, reaching out to strike you sharply across the knuckles.
    Stabbing pain shoots up your arm in response.

    The Enigmatic Teacher casts a contemptuous gaze on Maligorn. "Fool..." the Enigmatic Teacher mutters, and beneath his gaze Maligorn shrinks away.
    The Enigmatic Teacher casts a contemptuous gaze on you. "Fool..." he mutters, and beneath his gaze you feel your mind clouding.
    Hmmmm. Why must everything be so difficult to figure out?

    The Enigmatic Teacher stretches out his model of the planarverse to Maligorn. "Come, apprentice. Learn or perish." he intones coldly, as Maligorn's eyes glaze over in confusion.

    The Enigmatic Teacher has been slain by Tekora.
    The form of the Enigmatic Teacher shivers and shakes, slowly collapsing in upon itself beneath the assault. The fabric of its being roils and bubbles, then with a great tearing sound it sunders only to rise anew in two monstrous Ordained Magicians.


    Smooshing his tendril-fingers into Avurekhos's face, the Ordained Magician laughs maniacally as they begin to drain him and burn him.

    The Ordained Magician stares at Avurekhos with pulsating triple eyes full of psionic energy.

    Lifting his arms and pushing them outwards, the Ordained Magician sends a powerful blast of magical energy that knocks you over.

    The Ordained Magician has been slain by Tambador.
    As the flesh of the Ordained Magician is destroyed, rays of crackling energy and scalding power flare out from within him as blazing waves, leaving in their wake two fleshcrafted monstrosities of the Megalomaniacal Lust.


    Crek is subjected to a barrage of logic and reason from the Megalomaniacal Lust, his face frozen in a rictus grin.

    The Megalomaniacal Lust calls forth a swirling nimbus of cosmic power and hurls it at Crek, who is engulfed in lurid purple fire.

    The Megalomaniacal Lust has been slain by Ejderha.
    As the Megalomaniacal Lust falls apart, spurts of ectoplasm spray from him, coalescing and forming into two fleshcrafted monstrosities of the Hermit.


    The shadows that cling to the Imprisoned Hermit's form swell, reaching out in skittering tendrils to wrap around Remmiel.

    Slinking out of the shadows, the Imprisoned Hermit whips his arms around in a wide sweep, sending the iron chains trailing from them crashing violently into you amidst the painful cracking of bone.

    The Imprisoned Hermit places his fingers on his shifting temples and closes his eyes in a tumble of loose flesh. When he opens them again, a wild golden light springs forth from his dilated pupils, and Crek stumbles, clutching his head.

    Twisting his hideous face into an unsettling smile, the Imprisoned Hermit chants in four different languages and gestures towards Remmiel, raking his fingers in the air. Remmiel gasps in pain, grabbing at his flesh as it begins to warp and change.

    The Imprisoned Hermit has been slain by Daedroth.
    As the Imprisoned Hermit tumbles into a pile of chains and shadow, those broken pieces rise up and transform into two fleshcrafted monstrosities of the Conquered World.


    Folds of flesh suddenly part within the creases of the [?] World, revealing a gargantuan, unseeing eye that snares Eliron's attention, and he suddenly pales.

    Rolling haphazardly as piles of distended flesh constantly fold over and consume one another, the [?] World suddenly falls upon Shango.

    As piles of flesh fold over and consume one another, the misshapen form of an ever-changing fleshcrafted monstrosity of the [?] World shifts once more.