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  • Re: Chaos Event Megathread

    All Hallifax looks the same, it's not my fault. Also: whiskey
  • Re: Chaos Event Megathread

    I'm still advocating for Beauty Seal to involve throwing all the non com designers into an arena and forced to emote violent fights with their designed object as their only weapon.

    Wielding naught but gelatinous spires of Hallifax molded from tapioca, the designer suddenly regrets their choice of medium. 
  • Re: Chaos Event Megathread

    Saz said:
    Availability to classflex/skillsflex into Runes was what I meant. I still have the skillset dormant, but not every single participant that decides to join the Chaos might not afford, if we were to agree on the impact of having access to rad. Because I can't honestly think of many forced magical movement equivalents off the top my head. That'd also steer the direction of event into... Dull places. Imagine a rad fest, with things starting to factor like Cement Socks and immovable people versus the ones with mediocre rooting. Rooting... Disgusting really.
    People have and will always pick optimal skillsets for events, and those skillsets may not be their favorite or most frequently used. Forever and always. There will always be healers during the Ascension Trial. There will always be melders. There will always be optimal builds. Punting rad out of the equation does not change this, it just shifts it. Given that rad is universal, while other things like beckon are not, it's about as equitable as you can get. 

    I think it's awesome they're finally shaking up the Ascension events to some degree. The mishaps sound unfortunate, but ultimately it's an argument about the "legitimacy" of the RNG gods, and given that fact, I think the admin made the smart choice. 

    I don't necessarily agree with Kelly. Most (all?) of the seals are subject to a lot of preparation and politicking, and that edges an extraordinary amount of the playerbase out of contention (read: most). It's nice that one of the seals can be an upset for anyone. A lot of players participate, and the majority get bupkis. The majority don't even have a chance at more than bupkis, they are generally just along for the ride to win X seal for Y player Z org decided to back. A wildcard in the mix is a cool way to get people invested, IMHO. 

    I mean, the seals are competitions as to who is the most or best at X. Most war-like, most knowledgeable, etc. I can't think of a not stupid way to see who is the most chaotic. 
  • Re: Glomdoring and sacrifices

    Tremula said:
    he'll have to have a personal coming-to-Fire-Wyrd-Night-Jesus meeting when he does.

    You called?

    For the record, comparing e-baby sacrifice to e-sexual assault/rape/pedophilia is a false equivalence. There is a culture of sexual assault actively being grappled with. There is a real life counterpart to sexual assault and rape issues, it is contentious because it is real.

    Baby sacrifice is not a cultural issue with any real life counterpart. It is not real.

    Frankly, if you want to make this argument, I would question why you play Lusternia at all. If your argument is anything  that simulates things that would be considered "wrong" in real life, why are you not coming out against PK in general? Stabbing people in the neck over religious conflicts is pretty contentious at its core. Is killing the baby's mother okay so long as it's not the baby? If so, why is infanticide more problematic than murder? If this is ultimately a question of general game morality, I am genuinely curious as to how you absolve yourself from answering all the moral issues present in Lusternia, while expecting accommodations for those you do choose take issue with. 

    There's no reason not to provide reasonable accommodations to people with genuine concerns. The question, really, is what is reasonable? I, for one, don't find people making arbitrary, seemingly very selective, complaints about morality to be particularly reasonable. It seems to me the more rational answer is to not engage in activities that make you uncomfortable, and if that involves not playing in an org, don't play in the org. Some people are highly sensitive to issues of self harm or grapple with issues of how we care for the homeless. They shouldn't play in Magnagora. Drug abuse or alcoholism? Don't play in Gaudiguch. If fake murder is your trigger, don't play in Glomdoring. It doesn't mean your problem isn't real or genuine, but it is unreasonable to expect the game to change for you.

    edit: wtf plant baby?
  • Re: Tweets: Three Words

    I survived layoffs.  :s