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  • Re: Tweets VIII: Knocks Me Off My Tweet

    Thank you for that, Xenthos, you pincharge bandit. I think it was 10-15 people on me, with no less than 3-5 actively tracking me at any given time. Curiously, Halli helped give Gaudi a win, to one of the fastest ascension staff runners, too. Chuckles were had.

    I wish I had realized the potential for the special mobs earlier, but the double-points claim was poor wording in that even double points in the crappy areas that were announced were massively sub-optimal (for example, Irshaw mobs are mostly 2-5, so double that is still bad). As it turned out, they were worth 50 and thus amazingly worth it. It was a great event twist though- very fun.
  • Re: Simple questions?

    Anyone have a clue if ascension dates are going to be posted soon? Having to reserve several unknown potential weekends is not ideal.
  • Re: Tweets VII: Tweet Child of Mine

    Ixion           Special Envoy

    RIP guilds, time to nerf everything, and buff newbiekick to 20k unblockable damage. Game over, man.
  • Re: Envoy Reports

    Lynnie said:
    I'm caught up on how deathsong is "overpowered" when we have earache balance in place to counter it, you're not getting an deathsong off without serious coordination.

    I don't have the exact math but earache is random (if I am not misremembering) from 3-7 seconds while deathsong goes off at 8. So if they start deathsong and earache procs as high as 7s you still will have time to eat earwort, tell clt to gust dsonger, if you do it on a trigger. 

    It's a great instakill, but it's definitely not overpowered since it's easily stopped with gust, eat earwort, moving from the room etc.
    Actually, earache can exceed deathsong timer (needs to be envoyed to a more reasonable range). Its randomness is highly bothersome on all sides.

    Saying easily countered by earwort, moving rooms and gust is also just not pragmatic as a reliable counter. Earwort (see above). Moving rooms (pfifth). Gust (fail once and you likely die, also icewalls). Serious coordination is perhaps an overstatement. One decently timed shieldstun and they die, for example. I wouldn't call that "serious coordination."
  • Re: Lack of Raves VI: Rave Today, Tweet Tomorrow

    Congratulations again on the win.

    It's certainly a tough situation when you can't move at all and you're mostly a viewer.