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Luce · Fox Populi · Transcendent


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  • Re: Describe a Lusternia Plot as Badly as You Can

    Psychic vampires image the basin and lure in children. We all seem to be okay with that. Bad jokes and prideful Gods follow.
  • Re: Real World Raves

    Over the last three days, I have found out that
    1. An hour long presentation that I had to do was cancelled, and I'll simply have that deleted from my grade.
    2. My final for a statistics class I was doing meh in was cancelled, with the grade being rolled in to my group project.
    3. My final for another course was cancelled, being replaced with a 3 page reflection.
    4. Both group projects I have for the semester have been extended by a week.
    5. My two remaining finals have been demoted to non-cumulative tests. 
    Basically everything I was worried about have been deleted. I don't actually have a single final for this semester. The iron bar of stress has vanished, as I now have time to get everything done right. Don't even need to study.

  • Re: Lusternian Divine AMA

    Speaking of "Can you really eat.." what's the one design (food or otherwise) that made you 'Nope. Nope! NOPE!' the hardest?
  • Re: Lusternian AMA

    There was no question Luce would end up anywhere but the Aerie. He's aesthetically inclined, and while servile he's always known that his talents lie along cultural lines rather than menial. He's rubbish with bookkeeping and paperwork and has little business sense.
  • Re: What are you watching?

    Song of the Sea is gorgeous, haunting, and packed with more Irish and Gaelic folklore than you can shake a sail éille at.