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  • Re: Guild Overhaul

    Synkarin said:
    Qistrel said:
    Arcanis said:
    serenguard may as well not exist at this point.
    If you think that you understand nothing about the history of the Serenwilde.

    Lets be honest here, Arcanis doesn't understand half of what he thinks he does.
    You're giving him credit for half?

    To counter a point he himself brought up: The Paladins are the same Paladins that were founded in the Celestine Empire, but their founding is so far back in history it's not even funny. Like, they founded the Paladins before Magnagora was a city, sometime after the Celestines were brought into existence. Which, they were created by a group of priests who had split off from the Aquamancers, after the former discovered both the elemental planes and the cosmic planes. And they came from, unless I'm much mistaken, Lakedancers who had taken the harmony with water to an even higher level, but since Ackleberry is likely to never exist again at this point, Lakedancers are as near to a non-entity as they can get.

    If memory serves, though, all four druid and wiccan guilds were founded at around the same point in the (extremely) distant past, when members of Serenwyhdhaollenradnerbar learned how to communicate with the fae and healed them, and in exchange were taught how to call upon the fae, and how to work with the forests. I can't remember, but I'm pretty sure both Ellindel and Glinshara were Serenguard before that, though the guard may have been founded after. Based on pure age alone, and given that mortal life in Glomdoring was wiped out during the Taint wars, the oldest guilds that were open from their inception to the modern era continually are all in Serenwilde. Followed by Jojobo, which isn't a player org, and then an argument can be made for the cities.

    For those following along from home: Serenguard were a warrior guild while Magnagora was nothing but mugwumps and orclach playing in the swamp.

    Don't preach historical superiority where none exists.