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  • Re: General Dissatisfaction

    Moi said:
    I have whatever disease makes you puke blood and feel exhausted all the time.
    Doctor. Now.
  • Re: Changing / Adjusting cloaking gems

    Every org has at least one or two people who do the work of four or five each, with regards to helping newbies. Every org has its momma hens/bears and poppa wolves, but they can only help if the newbies stick around long enough to actually ask questions or make themselves known. There's been more than one MUD I've logged in to nobody visible, or only one or two, and I just log out and delete the profile. I'm not going to invest the time and effort to learn a game nobody plays, I don't have time enough any more to socialize outside of my games and play them too.
  • Re: Simple Ideas

    Kagato said:
    Chancellor Artifact - City/Commune Master Key

    Gives a Chancellor the ability to unlock a City/Commune shop door without requiring a new lock and key to be punched out.  If someone happens to cut their thread or loses their shop due to not paying their taxes, it would allow the chancellor to enter the shop and clear it for a new tenant without having to drop 10,000 gold every time they need to do so, also saving them having to seek reimbursement from the city.
    This needs to just be a command that shows up in the shoplogs and the city logs. Hiding it behind an artifact is just asking for the cities/communes to shell out credits every time they replace the Chancellor.
  • Re: Language Rules

    Also worth mentioning that the language rules for in-game are different than the forum language rules.
  • Re: Artifact Ideas

    Moi said:
    No. Blanket runes!
    Make one the goop skin?