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  • Re: Artifact Ideas

    I think the suggestion was just for hair, but honestly I'd love to be able to markdown colours into descriptions. If for no other reason than it would give the poster the option to highlight something that's supposed to be noticable. I've used it in other MU#s to describe eye colors with color, for instance.
  • Re: General Dissatisfaction

    I prefer to see it as building momentum for this month. You spent the effort to get people to start using the stage, now you need to spend less effort to get them to keep​ doing it.
  • Re: Tweets VII: Tweet Child of Mine

    Has that ever not been the case? We just have radio now.
  • Re: General Dissatisfaction

    Your friendly phone service reminder for the day:

    People working outbound calls are not generally allowed to assume you're listening and accept the call just because the line picks up. Say hello. If you don't have time to talk this instant, let it go to voicemail. And if you answer the phone and someone says they're calling from a pharmacy, you have the right to refuse to identify yourself over the phone. If you do so, however, the call is more or less over because there's only so much dancing around the Healthcare Information Portability and Accountability Act we can do. We can't tell you what medicine we're calling about, we can't tell you your doctor's name, your address, OUR address, or what color shirt we're wearing until we know and can confirm on record that we're speaking to someone with a right to the information, which is a damned short list.

    Yes, this means the pharmacy cannot tell you why we're calling until you prove you're you. This means we cannot release information on the adult patient to her parents until she okays it (most don't). And the only real option at that point is to say, "well, can you have so and so reach out to us?" Technically, we can ask for you by first and last name, but if we do so we have to ask for extra information before getting to why we called.
  • Re: Lusternian AMA

    I hear a sort of Bwoop sound for circle (like the bubbles from SU), and that sound effect that final fantasies 7 and 8 used for when protect/reflect got triggered as pentagram.