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  • Re: Dreamweaving Concerns

    Fralunah said:
     I've said multiple times, either buff dreamweaving, or change it's purpose. 

    You've been told multiple times by combatants with a very wide base of experience, envoys for varied guilds with Dreamweaving as an option, actual dreamweavers with experience, your own envoy, and the envoy who had been and still is spearheading the attempts to bring Dreamweaving in-line with other tertiary skills that you have been misunderstanding the purpose of Dreamweaving. You are using a square peg. We are telling you the hole is round. You are responding that we should square up the hole.
  • Re: Dreamweaving Concerns

    Fralunah said:
    I was reading the forum and posting, my timeout is 10 mins and I returned before that time, meaning I was killed in the time period I was reading/posting, Which was within 10 minutes.
    Two things:

    First, the HELP AFK rules make it clear that the official stance is that it doesn't matter if it's 5 hours or 5 minutes. If you're AFK, you accept what happens to you as your fault, up to and including Admin intervention. I'll admit I've gone AFK at nexii before, because I needed to use the restroom, put out a fire, or frankly because sometimes I get bored and start doing other things. It's still my fault when I miss conversations, greetings, admin pokes, and my beast dying, and if I must gripe, it's always more of an 'oops, I'm an idiot', and not a 'I can't believe how unfair it is that I was only gone for a minute and x happened.'. My fault. Full-stop.

    Second, if you must read forums/other tabs/read books/play Facebook games while playing Lusternia, restore the window down and position it so you can see enough text to know when things are happening that you should switch back. Preferably get a second monitor, but that's not a realistic solution for everyone. If you can't see the game, you're just as AFK as if you've stood up and left your computer.
  • Re: Artifact Ideas

    Oil of Olé! - Applying a use of this cream has a chance to redirect harmful attacks made against you specifically to any single target in the same room who is on your enemy or ally list. Charges last a given time and persist through death or until they've redirected a given number of strikes. Once consumed, the pot refills once per Lusternian month.

    Works best against unintelligent creatures, then against intelligent denizens, then against players.

    You twist out of the way of Drocilla's strike! It continues past and hits Fain instead.
    Lisaera twists out of the way of Your strike! It continues on and hits Fain instead.
    Lisaera twists out of the way of Drocilla's strike, which strikes You instead!
    Lisaera twists out of the way of Drocilla's strike, which strikes Fain instead!

    In spite of what Miriam Webster would have you believe, it is.
  • Re: Touhou Mafia: Extreme Shrine Makeover Edition

    That can be corrected, if you wish.