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  • Re: General Dissatisfaction

    Versalean said:
    Academic Maths 101

           1 FTE = 37.4 hours per week
          .5 FTE = 25 hours per week
    2 x .5 FTE = 60 hours per week

    Screw you, academic maths.
    FTEs in general are... incredibly frustrating to count. I hear you.
  • Re: Tweets VIII: Knocks Me Off My Tweet

    Vivet said:
    What did I miss and why is there no news posts about it?

    Guess I need to be a more proper drama vulture and hover more.

    Sometimes players making their own news posts to their organizations can be quite informative! Otherwise, yes, information tends to get lost when involved players log off.
  • Re: Simple questions?

    Orventa said:
    Does anyone have the original file of Caffrey's full realm map? The one on the site isn't any good/poor blurry resolution.

    Found it on google.

    @Ianir Maybe the one on the site can redirect to that link instead of the smaller one?
    There is a link right above the thumbnail of the smaller map titled "FULL REALM MAP - ORIGINAL RESOLUTION".
  • Re: General Dissatisfaction

    Thinking of any folks out in Las Vegas or surrounding areas. Stay safe!
  • Re: Lusternian Divine AMA

    Neela said:
    One other question, for @allgods do you appreciate prayers about inconsequential things? And how would you feel if you found a supplicant that was praying each and every weave? Cause RPwise my character doesn't do things by half. I RP'd out burying a Gnome Child when I accidentally killed it. And I'm wondering like what the reaction to that would be and if it's something I should try to just RP away? Like say my character does it, but not actually do it. Would you consider it annoying? Would it be overwhelming for you? I'm sitting here just making sure I don't annoy anyone with IC RP.
    I appreciate when players pray to Maylea. It doesn't always make RP sense to answer, but it's generally appreciated. I admit a prayer every day may get old, unless something of substance is actually talked about, but once a week wouldn't be too bad for me (not speaking for other divine!).

    I get a feeling sometimes maybe players are too intimidated to pray? But it's a reliable way to reach a divine IC, so for those people who would like to get to know their divine more, prayers signal to the divine your interest, and you might find yourself with more interactions that way. We don't always make ourselves visible to the player base even when we're around, so waiting around for a divine to be visible on WHO ends up being a lot of waiting!

    @Neela, I love that your character doesn't do things by half. If one of my order members accidentally killed something relevant to Maylea, RP'd burying it, then told Maylea about it, I'd find it interesting and perhaps a source for RP. Thanks for being so into it! 
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