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  • Re: the Expedition - a Pokémon Mafia game. (GAME OVER. SYLANDRA WINS. TOWN WINS.)

    Oh, not much time is a thing. I forgot because it's not in the current thread title. I was going to wait on Vivet to post this in case it changes things, but I'm going to go for it now in case I don't have time to think things over before tomorrow.

    I'm going to assume that cult conversion shows up on death, so Ssaliss was reliable the whole time. If we can't trust death reveals, we're basically lynching at random because we can't trust most information. I'm also going to assume that Luce would not be able to pair the Chosen with a town or 3rd party. Maybe not with scum until he declared a team, for that matter.

    With that in mind, I'm taking Othero and Cen as confirmed town because of Ssaliss' investigations, and Phoebus and Krackenor as confirmed town by being paired with confirmed towns. Maybe the Chosen can cheat matchmaking or investigation, but we're also basically picking at random if those info sources are invalid. I'm assuming a workable setup.

    I'm treating myself as confirmed town because I have perfect knowledge of my own alignment. Y'all can decide on me for yourselves.

    I'm going to rule out Melali and Thul for two reasons. First, their powers are almost never scum-aligned, and we've confirmed them pretty well at this point. Second, a game with a scum-aligned self-protecting jailer or where a scum mayor got Gardevoir is gonna be basically unwinnable anyway. I'm going to play on the assumption that this setup isn't completely borked. I might be wrong, but we might as well surrender now if one of them is the Chosen in addition to other things. They aren't confirmed in the same sense as the others, but I think we have to assume that they're town.

    That leaves four people: Ileein, Vivet, Dylara, and Cyndarin. I am willing to lynch any of them. I think Dylara is less likely than the others and would prefer to avoid her, but I'll lynch if that's where people want to go. I think you could make a roughly equal case for any of the others, pending other info coming in later.

    It's a one in four chance of getting the recruiter. There's no strong evidence for any of them, but there's a decent amount of evidence for everyone else being innocent. I don't think we'll get any better. So unless some other revelation happens soon, I'll support killing any of them and trust our 25% chance. I don't think we'll get anything better. If you think my givens are wrong, now is the time to point that out. I don't claim infallibility, but I think this is pretty reasonable relative to my assumptions.
  • Re: Ideas of Wonder

    Just some general utility power ideas, not in any order or with any synergy/theme in mind:
    4) fireworks! - creates an area-wide ASCII image from 10+ possibilities, one of which must be a platypus. ONE MUST BE A PLATYPUS.
    Just to clarify, does that mean exactly one, or at least one?
    Let's not overanalyze this. You can't have enough platypuses.

    If you want to follow the Greek roots (and I don't necessarily endorse that in this case, because language can shift over time) it should be platypodes.

    Now, time for the thing that bothers Portius to get mentioned. It should never ever ever ever be platypii. The -i plural is Latin, from the second declension nominative plural (and genitive singular, but that's irrelevant here) of masculine nouns. It's one i. You get things with two of them at the end (like Iulii) when the stem ends in an i, leading to a construction of Iuli+i to get Iulii. Basically, if it ends in -us and not -ius, it should not pluralize to -ii.

    Tangent concluded.
  • Re: Simple Ideas

    Maybe including the novice ones to make it easier to get into psychodrama. Have finishing X novice achievements give a sort of ikon starter deck.