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Outside your window.
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Outside your window.
  • Re: Tweets VIII: Knocks Me Off My Tweet

    I think the best idea here is to just quit playing with a certain org. If they show up, take your ball and go home.
  • Re: Tweets VII: Tweet Child of Mine

    Life hasn't given me any lemons lately, but I bet I could get some amazing lemonaid from squeezing Maligorn's online superiority complex.
  • Re: General Dissatisfaction

    "It's ok if the griefer is on your side, but sucks when he's against you."

    Ponder the idea that the person raiding you used to raid others, and you didn't try to stop it. Ponder the idea that other people have likely quit because they kept getting raided constantly.

    No offense, Saz, but you aren't a special snowflake. You're somewhat new, and this crap you're going through is absolutely -nothing- compared to the griefing that used to go on. I don't want to see you up and quit,  but if conflict is bothering you that much, maybe it's better for your mental health if you jump ship. Serenwilde will find someone easily to replace you, and the game will go on without you. I mean, quitting fixes it. Right? Giving up makes the pain go away.

    Also, what Rideta said, but with less sarcasm than my earlier stuff.
  • Re: Tweets VII: Tweet Child of Mine

    It grates at me how a select few, like always seems to be the case with a 'mistake' like this, get their benefit then we who are lucky to scrape together enough credits for one bag get the short end of the stick yet again. Rich get richer, poor stay where they are - the status quo.
    Look, the jig is up. The administration messaged a select few of us in the Cool Kids Lusternia Club and told us that we should abuse this really quick, that way when they pulled it and put it back at a better rate that didn't compound your investment almost exponentially, people would complain. They did this to get back at you personally, Sakaki.
  • Re: Tweets VII: Tweet Child of Mine

    You guys have itchy trigger fingers.
    I easily go through 3-4 hours of no people around who'd stop me pulling down statues during the week.
    We get the fact that you have plenty of time to sit around and grief others while we have jobs and actually have a life outside Lusternia, but I'm pretty sure we shouldn't base "what's fair" on that, thanks.