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  • Re: Simple questions?

    @Liray If you make and wield a talisman as Xenthos suggested. you can just Attack <target>
  • Re: Simple questions?

    They appear in that one window. On the upper right "Room Info"...
    At least for me.
  • Re: Simple questions?

    Liray said:
    What are masses of tentacles? I've been killed multiple times by those mobs as they seem way stronger than the other creatures in the area they were in. Is there a way to avoid them?
    They are SOulless minions of like, 


    Unfortunately, they will keep spawning until we can renew the seals with a mortal Ascension.
    I wouldn't mind taking you around though, when I am on. 
    @Mrak, I guess? 
    Did you try a scent arti? 

  • Re: Simple questions?

    Liray said:
    Got two questions actually:
    • I'm a Shadowdancer, using the Night discipline. Plenty of abilities seem require to be in a coven to be effective. Is there a way to see active covens?
    • My other question is about mentoring. I don't have a mentor. Is it preferable to have one?

    ~Remember that all but the newest of your fellow Glommies counts as a Nightwraith. Which means you can join them for Covens regardless of their class, except for Terror Covens....
    See Nightaltar under COMMUNE CONSTRUCTS. And CGHELP NIGHTWRAITHS for more details.

    ~A good Mentor can give you advice they might not give others. You can learn skills a bit faster, tell when they come on and get off the game. Ideally you're Forrestmates will be awesome enough that you won't need one, but if you like one of your guild/class mates enough, ask[it can also give you some RP opportunities too].
  • Re: Tweets VIII: Knocks Me Off My Tweet

    Versalean said:
    What's an ephemeral?
    You don't just get to become a God because you are working behind the scenes, Once you are on teh path you eventually will earn a spot as an ephemeral, if you once played a mortal in Lusty then its to that ones opposite org. I've been told. Then you earn the Admin points to become a Diety, and then are assigned where needed.
    Ephemerals are the assistants/Interns to the Gods/Admin.