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  • Re: Tweets VIII: Knocks Me Off My Tweet

    Crek said:
    Achaea has planar travel now. We should connect the Planes and take over Sapience!
    To test the waters, perhaps we should start by amalgamating Achaea and Lusty forums.
  • Re: Month vs. Weave

    Kerith said:
    I've always assumed this dichotomy was because of time zones, giving everyone the opportunity to be online for certain things. Like if full moon always happened at 3 am your time, you could never do Seren's epic quest, or whatever. But I agree it would be really nice to not have the two different things to keep track of.

    Hiccups: drink a cup of water over the sink from the far side of the cup. You will feel ridiculous but it will work.
    Okay, that's awesome, but then let's please get rid of weaves! :smiley:

    PS - didn't read your post in time to cure my hiccups. Instead, I went up to bed and as I was getting in I hiccuped really loud, waking my wife up, and the look she gave me cured the hiccups.
  • Re: Tweets: Three Words

    Loving unity event <3
  • Re: Artifact Ideas

    Coin of Death (1000cr)

    Either kills you, or kills your target.

    Cooldown: 1 day

    Syntax: TOSS <coin> AT <target>
  • Re: Are there too many settlements (i.e., cities/communes) in Lusternia?

    Respect your opinion and argumentation, but I think the statement is false by any reasonable metric unless we're arguing pure, sheer semantics-cum-philosophy. Which wouldn't be unusual on these forums. I just really don't think that focusing on all the things you need to tap the plastic for - rather than all the things you don't - is terribly helpful if we want to attract new players. Your mileage may vary!