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Xenthos An'ryshe
  • Re: Are there too many settlements (i.e., cities/communes) in Lusternia?

    I bet it was Xynthin.  He tried to delete all orgs, failed, and now must settle for spitefully nuking posts instead.
  • Re: Dreamweaving Concerns

    Piccarda said:
    Why do you hate me? What did I do! Was it my books? I'm very sorry.
    You defended yourself / your orgmates from a dreamgriefer.  That's a big no-no in her view.

    But good on you for doing so.
  • Re: Dreamweaving Concerns

    Shaddus said:
    Enyalida said:
    Harassment is against the rules of the game. 
    Define harassment and how often someone is allowed to raid or poke someone else on the other side before it turns into harassment. I'll wait.
    10 straight hours of dreambody-griefing enemy organizations is harassment.
  • Re: Dreamweaving Concerns

    Maylea said:
    That's weird, it's showing up on Recent Discussions for me.
    I figured it out; apparently Ideas were marked as "hidden" for me, but the forum settings are set to "all categories" instead of "followed categories" so everything gets displayed...

    ... except on Recent Discussions, where it filters out anything that is hidden.

    Weird!  But fixed.  Thanks for helping give a data point that let me track it down. :)
  • Re: Dreamweaving Concerns

    Fralunah said:
    You shouldn't call people liars when flat-out lying yourself. 

    PS: This discussion is pretty good proof that you would not "honestly just go away".  I mean, instead of just apologizing and saying you're done, you're doing multi-post rants about why you feel justified, you're the victim, people are abusing poor little you, etc. etc.

    But to test this claim: Please just go away.  Enjoy the game with your northern-folk, leave the dreambody-griefing alone.  Thank you.

    Flat out lying about what? You've done everything you can to ruin my reputation and continue to do so to the point that you've thrown this thread completely off topic.
    Lerad ACTUALLY submitted an issue about me, which was full of lies that they've copy pasted from this thread.
    You've never EVER asked me to go away. 
    Why should I apologize?
    I did just ask you to go away, actually.  So that, right there, is a lie.