Need an updated healing system

AerionAerion Member Posts: 4 Inept
I've recently just started back and was using Mush for a healing system with Ethelon (yeah, it's been years ago since I've played). Now, with the combat overhaul, I'm looking for a system that is update. Willing to pay for it, but I'm having trouble finding anything. Any help??


  • XenthosXenthos Shadow Lord Member Posts: 6,746 Transcendent
    Most of us use SSC ON, the server side curing system.  That is why there aren't a lot of other updated ones around anywhere.
  • AerionAerion Member Posts: 4 Inept
    This may be a dumb question, but how do you go about getting that? I've literally forgotten everything about this game, so it's like starting fresh for me. I feel like a newbie :neutral:
  • XenthosXenthos Shadow Lord Member Posts: 6,746 Transcendent
    It is relatively new.  It is a few lessons into one of the skillsets (combat maybe?).  When you toggle it on you get lessons from an achievement to boot.  I think it is called "curing" so look for that in your ABs.
  • StratasStratas Member Posts: 418 Mythical
    The ability is Curing in Discipline, and it's fairly low on the skill tree. You probably already have it, in which case just AC ON to get it going with the default settings.
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  • AerionAerion Member Posts: 4 Inept
    I'm using m&m with ssc. having trouble figuring out how to auto def on m&m. any help?
  • EsoneyunaEsoneyuna Member Posts: 161 Adept
    to select defs you want to put up when you say defup time:

    • mmshow defup
    • click the defs you need or use "mmdefup <defence>"
    • to put them up: mmdefs basic

    To select defs you always want up:
    •  mmshow keepup
    •  once again click those you believe needed or use "mmkeep <defence>"
    If you want to hide skills or skill lists you don't have:
    • mmshow hidelist and click on the minus to remove the item or group and the plus to add it
    For certain things like sixthsense you might want to use AC instead of mmf

    AC MOD DUSTQUEUE INSERT 2 sixthsense

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