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I've been away from Lusternia for some time and I'm wanting to come back and play again.  Last time I played regularly Dhoggne was awaiting word from a guild authority (maybe the grandmaster/mistress, I don't remember) on when his mask ritual would be held so he could advance in the guild.  I had messaged the person I was told to message and didn't hear back in a couple weeks, and I kind of drifted away after that.

The only thing Dhoggne has left on his person is his journal, in which he had written relatively frequently.  I have visions of him staggering out of the swamp, covered in muck (and otherwise naked), to collapse at the Ravenwood Tree, exhausted and bewildered, having little memory of what he'd been doing the last very long period of time beyond snatches of things he's not sure are dreams or reality.  Maybe he was unwittingly called away by one of the powers that overlook Glomdoring (I want to say Night or Moon but I'm still getting back into the lore -- thank you heaps to the person who recorded the history files so I can listen to them on the way to class!), to get in touch with them/who he is/something else I haven't thought of.

Dhoggne is an Illithoid, which presents me with other roleplay hooks: those of being an Illithoid (again, history reviews are in progress, and I've poked about in the archives of this forum to find what others have said in the past about playing an Illithoid) and of being soulless, the full implications of which I'm unsure of.  The Book of Dracnoris states that soulless can't conceive of a world where they don't exist, and from what I've read in older posts, there are several communities of Illithoid, each with different goals, and Dhoggne doesn't have to have necessarily come from any of them.  I have to work out what his feelings are about Illith, or at least if they matter to him now.  Are Illithoid obligated to feel connected to or a part of Illith?  I find all this fascinating and if there's one thing I love about an RPG it's rich, detailled lore. Lusternia has that in spades, and it's much of the reason I want to return.

The game has undergone some changes since I was last here, and I don't remember a lot of the basics, so having Dhoggne be bewildered and mildly amnesiatic will help with the whole 'wait, I don't remember how to do katas/draw power/plane travel/etc' thing that will happen.

Well, now that I've talked your ears off, so to speak, I'll just say that I'm looking forward to making a return with Dhoggne and roleplaying with you all.


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    Just as a note, your mask ritual doesn't need the GM to perform it - we're a little short-handed on novice aides and therefore can't cover every timezone 24/7, but there's usually someone around who can perform the ritual at the usual Lusternia active hours. 

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    Awesome to see returning folks. I'm your guild GA, and will be more than happy to help you get back in the swing of things, rank along, and all that fun stuff. I'm generally an evenings PST player, though I haven't been on much due to carpal tunnel that has flared up bad in one arm. However, things feel like they've mended, so folks should start seeing a fair bit more of me in the near future.
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    I am also around and am almost always willing to RP if you want.

    FOR pposters who aren't steingrim:

  • DhoggneDhoggne Member Posts: 8 Novice
    Thanks for the responses, folks. I've had a busy week but I'm hoping to put a little time in on Lusternia this weekend. I'm in the Eastern time zone and I don't typically stay up later than 11 PM my time.  At least I'm not very coherent after that, heh.  Looking forward to meeting you in-character.
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