Hartstone/Druid meld timer/Callouts!

LorkinLorkin Member Posts: 3 Inept
Anyone know where I can get hold of a Hartstone/Druid meld timer or callouts for Mudlet? 



  • EritheylEritheyl ** Trigger Warning ** Member Posts: 1,670 Transcendent
    I'm pretty sure there used to be a nice guide to setting up a meld timer in the SEG scrolls, though it may be severely outdated/nonexistent by now. But there should be people in the Hartstone who'd be willing to share their setup, or guide you through making one!
  • RiviusRivius Your resident wolf puppy Member Posts: 1,624 Transcendent
    Try reaching out to either Sondayga or Enyalida. Both should have experience with mudlet and this sort of thing.
  • EnyalidaEnyalida Nasty Woman Member Posts: 4,384 Transcendent
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    May or may not be surprised, but I just always do it by hand. With the timing tick from spores, it's pretty easy! (Plus, I just migrated to a new computer and haven't sorted out any callouts yet)
  • NeosNeos The Subtle Griefer Member Posts: 1,538 Transcendent
    If I wasn't super lazy, and working long hours, I'd try and finish up my demesne thing, I had all the lines for each guild, but then my laptop broke, and I'm super lazy.

    I'm super lazy.
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  • LehkiLehki Member Posts: 1,235 Fabled
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    send("forestcast effect1")
    tempTimer( 10, [[send("forestcast effect2")]] )
    tempTimer( 20, [[send("forestcast effect3")]] )
    tempTimer( 30, [[send("forestcast effect4")]] )


    EDIT: I have no idea why my post is all in yellow boxes. o_o
  • UshaaraUshaara Schrödinger's Traitor Member Posts: 1,264 Transcendent
    edited February 2013
    @Lorkin You might try this. SET MELD to raise effects. Should be a bit more flexible than what Lehki put up, in that if it misses the cast due to being off-balance or whatever, it -should- catch it at the next one.

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  • ElanorwenElanorwen The White Falconess Member Posts: 2,927 Transcendent
    Usually do it by hand myself. Can't really be bothered too much... plus there's always the question of whether you want treelife up or not. (In most cases the answer is no) Just need to remember what the effects available to you are called and cast them on spores tick... then recast spores at the end to time them with everything else. Of course, if you're the really lazy kind... raise all effects and just forestcast regrowth to get them all firing at once... then dampen treelife if needed.

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  • LorkinLorkin Member Posts: 3 Inept
    Thanks everyone! I've sorted it out :) Have a script and such that I worked out with Sondayga and I've also learnt to do it by hand! :)
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