WTB System - MUDBOT base preferred

SadhyraSadhyra Member Posts: 21 Capable
I'm looking for a system. I've been gone a long time, and I work a lot, so I don't have the time/energy to build one myself. I'm happy to pay a decent bit, with the amount I pay scaling on what features I get.

  • Mudbot-based or CMUD based. I don't have time to tinker with a new codebase
  • Open-source/full access. I've been burned way too many times by people limiting access and then screwing me over when they stop playing. I need a backdoor that will let me update things if you go MIA
  • Defense-based. I'm happy to build my own offense
  • Light and quick. I don't need a ton of UI. I'd rather stuff ran quickly
  • Communication - I want to be able to chat with the programmer if I find bugs. I will not bug you a ton, but I do want a way to get flaws fixed
Send me a PM. Thanks.


  • CyndarinCyndarin used Flamethrower! It was super effective. Member Posts: 4,508 Transcendent
    I don't think there are any public mudbot systems available. The overwhelming majority play on mudlet with m&m. M&M just recently went free. 
  • ZacZac Member Posts: 32 Apprentice

    I might have my old IronMoon system (which is built off of MudBot) from back when I was active six years ago. It would be worthwhile for me to see if the system I'm currently building can interface with it.

    It should be able to, but with all the GMCP improvements I'm not sure. I'll take a look later tonight.

  • SadhyraSadhyra Member Posts: 21 Capable
    Thanks for the feedback :)
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