How big of a disadvantage in influencing are Illithoids?

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I'm thinking of switching from Aslaran to Illithoid for both RP reasons and mechanical reasons.  However, while I know Illithoid will give greater bashing as a TK mage, I find I get a lot of my experience from empowering gods.  Will I have to sweep that under the rug if I change, or should I still be able to do it at least somewhat effectively?
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    Thankies! That's what I had assumed. I'll stay a furry!
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    Illithoid influencing is possible, and with the right set up, you can even do named supermobs (for amnesty) like Maeve, Kesisha, Korath etc.

    There are a few drawbacks no matter what you do, however.

    The absolute max cha any Illithoid can get (assuming Cthoglogg is empowered) is 15. From base 7 to base 10 from titan, demi and Cthoglogg. From there, +5 charisma from weighted buffs. With 15 cha, you will be influencing at around 3.6 to 3.8s, depending on your latency. With Illithoid ego boost, you will hit the high 8k for ego, and with throne blessing, you can easily hit the high 9k. if you can stack ego regeneration (regen is based on max ego) and use a beast, you can manage to scrape through tough influence fights with named mobs for amnesty.

    All that factored in, you will still take a few hits to win an influence because 15 is not very high. It'll take you around 7 to 8 hits to empower a brave guard at full defs (charismaticaura, sycophant, oil). If you throw in beast influence buff and artifact, it'll drop it to 6 or 7. Use that as a guide to know how long it takes you to influence other mobs.

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