Seeking a double line trigger.

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I'm trying to write a trigger, and I'm horrible at coding.

His health is at 3540 out of 3540.
His mana is at 3561 out of 3894.

I need the trigger to  match both of these, and if he's under a certain percent of health AND under a certain percent of mana, take an action. Has to be under both. Anyone mind throwing this together?
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    Think you use Mudlet, which is what this is for. You want to set up the following as the perl regex patterns on separate lines.

    ^(His|Her) health is at (\d+) out of (\d+).$
    ^(His|Her) mana is at (\d+) out of (\d+).$

    Then check the box that says "multiline / AND Trigger" and in "line delta" put 1.

    local maxhpercent = 75 -- % health below which you want it to trigger
    local maxmpercent = 50 -- % mana below which you want it to trigger local hpercent = multimatches[1][3] / multimatches[1][4] * 100 local mpercent = multimatches[2][3] / multimatches[2][4] * 100 if hpercent < maxhpercent and mpercent < maxmpercent then --PUT WHAT YOU WANT TO DO HERE cecho("\nBelow " .. maxhpercent .. "% health and " .. maxmpercent .. "% mana.") --Just a sample echo you could do end
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