Kephera RP

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I want to RP my character as having been found and raised by Kephera in the Undervault. If someone could please point me to resources for Kephera RP / other relevant stuff, I would be eternally grateful.


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    I literally went elfen because I was so fed up with everyone's keph alts trying to alternately worship me, or tell me that I was rping kephera wrong because I was doing a naturalised overworlder kephera who loved forests.

    But before elfen, I spent a long, long time as a kephera with red hair, tattooed to imitate ladybug spots.
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    I'm not able to play too often right now, but I finally sat and read the Histories. (First off, wow. Incredible mythos.)

    That aside, are there resources outside the game for kephera/illithoid histories? The entirety of the Histories didn't even mention Keph/Illith of the rather larger pieces that I was hoping was explained and wasn't.

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    I don't think Keph's sharding has ever been delved into, though we do know it happened long before Illith did. Illith sharding was actually very recent, I think I heard something like 10 years before Illithoid showed up on the surface. If you get down to the Heart of Illith you can see her thoughts and memories leading right up to the moment she shards.
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