New Artisan Skills/Furniture Ideas

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  • Blank crystal globes (like snowglobes) can be created and enchanted by Tinkers at significant expense, and can be used once only to capture the environment type in which they are placed (eg. forest, desert, urban, etc).
  • An artisan can then break the globe to release the imprinted magic and reshape the environment type of a manse room accordingly, destroying the globe in the process.
  • Note that all furniture in the room must be removed before the globe can be used, and the artisan must be alone (to prevent trying to create an underwater room when the manse owner is standing there and can't swim).
  • Mounted on a wall in a cardinal direction, like tapestries
  • Can GAZE MIRROR to see a summary of how worn items contribute to prestige, for example:
You gaze into an ornate mirror gilded with roses, appraising the nobility of your reflected image.
A pair of simple linen pants adds 1 point of prestige. 
A golden oak tree brooch adds 10 points of prestige.
A sacred ring of the ravenwood adds 3 points of prestige.
A suit of full plate armour adds 1 point of prestige.
A face painted with rays of sunshine adds 2 points of prestige.
The total prestige of your visible ensemble is well-to-do, with 17 points.
  • Alternatively, if enchanted with scry charges by an enchanter, can be used like a magic mirror (when mounted only) to view a target and any other objects in the room. This would only work for the same plane (or the plane the manse is attached to, such as Prime). For example:
You say, "Mirror, mirror, on the wall, I seek Elryn most of all."
The reflection in an ornate mirror gilded with roses becomes clouded and then swirls dizzingly until it morphs into a stable image of another place.
You see Elryn at Top of a Slope. 
A mature oak tree stands proudly here. Reaching up as high as the eye can see looms the awesome presence of a living totem. Shimmering with a faint silvery outline, an undulating wind zephyr floats upon the breeze. A small, green frog clings to a nearby tree trunk. A plump wild rabbit hops playfully around here. Constantly alert, a large buck is here.

  • Can be filled with a mix of fire potion and pale malt alcohol to allow a combustion reaction that mimics daylight. TOUCH <lamp> will brighten a room to near daylight, even if it is night outside. (Ie, allows day-only skills to be used, like drapes allow night-only skills to be used)
  • Allows an activation/deactivation message to be added as part of the design.
  • Can be tuned to a particular god before being placed.
  • Will allow offerings of esteem, corpses or gold to be made.
  • Allows decorative plants/shrubs to be created for a room.
  • TEND <plant> functions the same as a rocking chair, restoring willpower.
  • Allows larger shrubs/trees to be installed in a room (must not be an incompatible environment type, like urban/road/indoors)
  • Does not add a trees elevation to the room.
  • Causes room to improve recovery of sanity over time.


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    So all the manse artifacts. Good luck.
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    Tarkenton said:
    So all the manse artifacts. Good luck.
    Which ones, in particular?
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    The mirror is interesting. Falls under the scope of most scry artifacts. Will concede that not all terrains are covered by manse environment artifacts. Highly doubt that sanity recovery improvement will be granted due to circlets.

    o Cactus Mini (75 dingbats)
      - ACTIVATE the cactus to turn a manse room to a desert room.
      - Can only be used once.

    o Beach Ball (75 dingbats)
      - ACTIVATE the beach ball to turn a manse room to a beach room.
      - Can only be used once.

    Yellow Orb (100 credits)
      - Creates continual daylight in the room.
      - One use only.
      - Cannot be used in same room as a black orb.

    Black Orb (100 credits)
      - Creates continual darkness in the room.
      - One use only.
      - Cannot be used in same room as a yellow orb.

    Marble Archway Miniature (500 Credits)
      - Create up to 10 ambiances which are messages that fire throughout
        the manse.
      - Use ARCHWAY verb to setup the ambiance.
      - Use ACTIVATE <miniature>

    Miniature of Billowing Winds (50 credits)
      - Turns room to an outdoor room
      - One use, then disappears
      - Use ACTIVATE <miniature>

    Miniature of Vibrant Tree (50 credits)
      - Turns room to a room with trees
      - One use, then disappears
      - Use ACTIVATE <miniature>

    o Font of the Gods: 400 credits
      - Allows offering to your god from anywhere
      - TOUCH FONT to change its description to your god
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    Thanks, I wasn't aware of the font one, or the two dingbats.

    I don't see a problem with lamps, given they are just the reverse of drapes - which is already a non-artifact item that has the same effect.

    Neither the archway or two miniatures are superceded by these suggestions though. There aren't any ambience messages being suggested, nor changes to allow tree/sky elevation where they don't exist before. Note the gardening ability wouldn't add tree elevation (though really, the best solution is just to get a druid to terrain and you get trees for 1 power per room instead of 50 credits/room).

    Personally, I really wish the dingbats to change manse environment room-by-room didn't exist. It seems like being able to control the environment would be one of the most desired aspects of manse design, and I can't see a reason why it needs to be outside the realm of possibility to alter all the rooms in a large dwelling a to a common environment type. Ah well, I suppose that hasn't changed in the last decade, so I guess it's here to stay! :P
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    edited March 2016
    edit: nevermind, thought this was a thread looking for new ideas.  My bad for off topic.

  • LeradLerad Member Posts: 2,405 Transcendent
    These are great ideas, a pity there isn't much chance of them going through. Would be nice, though, for sure.

  • SylandraSylandra Pro-Agree, Anti-LOL ScumsvilleMember Posts: 4,449 Transcendent
    Designing mirrors would be really fun. Wondering what comms would be used for plants tho, hm. Vegetables...?
    Fyler said:
    Sylandra has a very signature (and somewhat twisted) sense of humor
  • SaranSaran Member Posts: 2,015 Transcendent
    all of the +1's for this.

    It's silly really, if you want to make an enormous castle, or a wizard tower, or whatever indoors manse you can dream up then you just pay gold. But if you want to do anything slightly different you pay through the nose.

    The mirror eh, it's actually pretty cool though the prestige part is more likely to pass. As mentioned sunlamps are just drapes which already replace the need for an artifact.

    An idol seems fine because its seems like a less convenient shrine for the purposes of offering, the only places where it's more convenient would be on a ship near a dock. As opposed to the artifacts which mean you always have the ability to offer.

    The pot plants might not have a use in the long run though, isn't will and endurance going away? That said they're a nice decorative feature and as mentioned are again only replicating the effect of an existing artisan item.

    The trees also don't seem like they're replacing an artifact, the circlet doubles the time that you can spend hunting from memory, the trees would make recovery a little bit faster. Depending on how you balance this it could be about the effectiveness of the healing ability.
    Maybe instead of a passive ability you could use a channeled command to activate the trees ability? Gazing maybe could set you wandering through the trees?
  • TarkentonTarkenton Traitor Bear Member Posts: 2,555 Transcendent
    Not to say that I don't like the ideas offered in the initial post. I just think your chances of getting any of them approved are nil.
  • ElrynElryn Member Posts: 143 Capable
    Ah, that's okay. Sometimes half the fun is just trying out an idea! :) Besides, usually what the admin team comes up with is far more creative, judging by their past efforts!

    A couple more possibilities:

    Window (also includes Aperture/Balustrade nouns)
    • Attached to a cardinal direction, can optionally be set by the artisan to reference another room in the same area.
    • Allows a user to LOOK THROUGH <window> to see into the linked room as if you did a LOOK within it.
    • If no linked room is set, and the room is in the aetherways, the same syntax will show a map view of aetherspace (even while docked).
    • Optionally, if no linked room is set, occupants in the room will receive notifications whenever the algontherine enters a new environment or a new creature/vortex/ship appears within the viewscreen radius. This can be prevented by the use of drapes. For example
    The aetheric clouds visible beyond a vine-wreathed wooden balustrade thicken and become dense as the Avaeryn Rainforest glides into the dimensional shifts.

    The ribbons of aetheric energy outside start to elongate and streak past a vine-wreathed wooden balustrade, as the Avaeryn Rainforest enters the slipstream.

    A sudden flare of light from beyond a vine-wreathed wooden balustrade illuminates your surroundings, as a new aetheric vortex spins into existence beside your vessel.

    A series of haunting, low-pitched notes precede the terrifying appearance of a spiked hydrian near your vessel, undulating into the view beyond a vine-wreathed wooden balustrade.

    • Oriented in an algontherine room by an artisan and set with a compass created by a Tinker, this will allow the captain to PILOT NAVIGATE TOWARDS <dock/plane>, taking a single step in the direction on a slightly slower than normal chair balance. (Sort of like aetherspace speedwalking)
    • Alternatively, if the price was upped (enormously) could be enchanted as a magical item that creates a temporary single-occupant ship at the same location by anyone who uses TOUCH OBELISK. The generated podcraft will dissolve into the aether (killing the person on board) when its power depletes, unless it docks with the mother ship or another dock. Could be used for escape craft if one member of the crew wants to get off early, or maybe as very simple support craft with a slow rate of fire. Note empathy deepbond would still count for conglutination to the mother ship for anyone aboard these support craft. The type of ship created would be dependent on the nexus power source of the person who activates it (gleaming silver crescent for serenwilde, bat-winged shadow for glomdoring, etc), and it would have very little hull but be difficult to target and actually hit by either creatures or other ships. For example:
    You reach out and touch a glimmering stone obelisk carved with faery runes.
    The obelisk thrums with energy as it draws power from within you, twisting and warping the space around you as the aether is reformed. With a sickening wrench you find yourself suddenly outside the Avaeryn Rainforest in the wild aetherspace beyond, as a thin bubble of protection coalesces around you and you find yourself locked to the pod command module.
    A gleaming silver crescent pod.
    The pod command chair with a small turret attachment rises up from the centre of the room.
    [500-hull, 5-power, 20000-will *x*]

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    Note that the prestige display also does show on CLOTHESLIST (though it has some issues that I'm envoying at the moment), and willpower has been mostly coded out of the game (so restoring it is a bit pointless).
  • LavinyaLavinya Queen of Snark AustraliaMember Posts: 3,459 Transcendent
    I support more creative outlets. I'd love to design potplants (indoor) and topiaries (outdoor)! And lamps that actually can sit on tables and light a room. Love to design mirrors even if all it does is show you the reflection of those in the room. Clocks! I'd love to design grandfather clocks or mantle clocks. We have watches, so why not?

    You'll probably have more luck getting new patterns if they don't all have fancy abilities tied to them, just some nice aesthetics.

  • EldanienEldanien Member Posts: 371 Gifted
    I still think some method of generating a 1-module ship that incorporates chair/grid/turret options (not necessarily all of them) is a good idea.  Add rooms to make the 'scout' or 'fighter' craft bigger/slower as usual, perhaps at a faster rate of slowdown than traditional multi-module ships.

    Digression is alternative progression.

  • CyndarinAscendsCyndarinAscends Member Posts: 1,461 Transcendent
    I think all the tradeskills need an overhaul, or at least something to make them appealing. I have spellcraft (because it actually has some valuable skills like hexangle and pentangle) and was looking for a second one to pick up. I realized, with highmagic, there's literally nothing I wanted or saw any value in. 

    Artisan especially is terrible. 
  • UshaaraUshaara Schrödinger's Traitor Member Posts: 1,265 Transcendent
    I'd love if there was an option for SCULPTURES, that act as statues, for something more creative than 'a statue of a comptroller is here.'
  • FalaeronFalaeron Jolteon Member Posts: 1,663 Transcendent
    Herbs and poisons for highmagic.
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