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so, when following someone, I do notice that I don't get any gmcp updates on the room I moved in. Is there any way to manually request the gmcp updates you would normally receive information about the room with? I've played around a little, but couldn't find anything that works.

edit: As Synkarin answered, I realized my question was probably not specific enough, so here an update:

I'm actually looking to receive updates from the contents of the rooms I follow people through, meaning gmcp.Char.Items.List with location="room". Those I do not seem to be receiving. I only receive the list once I manually 'look'.

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    You should be getting updates I believe. 

    I know my mapper keeps up when I follow people and it uses gmcp to keep me centered.

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    oh my ... I wasn't being specific enough, sorry about that. Will be amend my question to make it clearer.

    @Synkarin are you getting gmcp.Char.Items.List events? or the Add / Update / Remove variants ? Because I don't seem to be getting them.
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    Synkarin said:
    Oh no, I don't think I'm getting that, I'm just getting the Room info. 

    As far as stuff in the room, does looking not work?
    Looking would work yes. I just had hoped there would be a way to request the information through gmcp, as there's ways to request the items in your inventory through gmcp and in containers at least. If I have to, I can gag the look info, but I'd rather not.
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