Character is frozen in web client

Okay, so I just got this message - You seem to have send more than 200 commands within a second. You probably have some runaway trigger or an endless alias loop - disabling commands for a while. - Which I don't get, since I have no triggers which would do this, and the command I entered right before this happened was "NE". Now my character is stuck. I can't enter a single command, not even quit, and I'm at a loss for what to do in order to use her again. Any ideas? I'm on the web client.


  • Nevermind. I closed the window and reloaded. Other than having to redef, not too much of a hassle. Any ideas on how to keep this from happening again?

  • Honestly, my best (and, really, only) guess would be that you made a "ne" alias to send "ne", which made it loop endlessly. Did you tinker with aliases before this happened?
  • You should probably start using mush or mudlet
  • All clients have their pros and cons. The pros of the web client is that it's accessible from everywhere. The pros of local clients (i.e. mush and mudlet) is that they're more powerful (and, for that reason, generally have better support).
  • My computer isn't really made for downloading programs onto, so Mudlet's not really an option. Also, it's not a ne alias, because it -just- happened again when I simply tried to tell someone something. I don't remember tinkering with anything except affliction messages.
  • How would I even find whatever is causing this to happen? I have no clue how to do any of this, and my triggers are mostly copy/paste lines directly from the web client.

  • It might be a good idea to temporarily disable your triggers, and go through them one by one to find the erroneous one.

    Click on the lightning icon at the bottom right of the web client to disable your scripts/triggers first - that will ensure you do not get frozen. Secondly, go into your reflexes, and start looking through them. If there's any trigger that looks suspicious, you could screenshot it and check with someone you know in the game or paste it here, and someone can probably check if it is looping or not. It's a bit of a pain to go through and troubleshoot every trigger if you have a lot, but that's probably the only way to do it.

    Alternatively, you could just delete everything and start anew, of course. Sometimes, that might be a good way to start fresh and not have any carried over problems.

  • Sadly I don't know how to know if a trigger is suspicious. I went through and deleted several that I no longer needed, and I will see if that works. Also, since the commands I sent that got the message were 1) NE 2) TELL someone something and 3) W, I can't actually see how this happened. I have no triggers or aliases that are the same as such basic commands. Thanks for the advice, though. If I hadn't had so much help getting this system to work for the char, then I'd consider starting over, though I might still have to anyway.
  • How do you delete a system on the web client? Do I just have to delete everything individually?
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