Warrior offense + quick mudlet question.

Hi just throwing out a quick request, has anyone built/is offering a basic warrior raze rebounding/shield offense type trigger for mudlet yet? And/or a quick transmute script?


Also as i'm a bit new to mudlet I was trying to make a few things on it but couldnt quite figure some of it out. Its probally a pretty simple question but is there a way to make a trigger enact an alias? 

I've made triggers that track variables and respond with actions. But for example I've made this alias 

 When I type "TM 300" it sends "Transmute 300"

Now If I trigger that to recovering balance I make a trigger for the standard you have recovered balance to do

"TM 300" then basically nothing happpens the trigger is set to ladybug mode.
If I try send ("TM 300") then it literally sends the command "TM 300" which doesnt do anything because its not a real command. 

I've only managed to make the trigger work if I use the exact command in send ("transmute 300") but that seems pretty limiting.

Is there a command that will make a trigger use an existing alias or some way around this?

Thanks for any help.


  • SynkarinSynkarin Nothing to see here
    you can use the function expandAlias("TM 300") and that will fire your alias.

    The better option is to make transmute into a stand alone function that you can use in your alias and your triggers.

    Something like

    function transmute(num)
      send("transmute "..num)

    then in your alias and your triggers you stick in 'transmute(300)' and it'll transmute for you

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  • Its not to hard to craft your own razing system I believe. You will need a couple of lines and such to craft one and need to make if statements.
  • I had a quick search for mudlet triggers, I've got the basics but the one thing I cant seem to find is how to do variable length names


    I'm trying to trigger something like 
    You whip a/an something something something through the air in front of a/an something something something, to no effect.

    You whip a big mace through the air in front of a lumbering bog beast, to no effect.
    You whip an ebony club through the air in front of a short weevil, to no effect.

    to set a variable to for shield and rebounding to be 0

    I cant quite figure out any command for triggers that may be different words and different lengths. I was hoping to make one trigger so that I could use different weapons and it would effect different targets.

    I've tried a bunch of examples but non seem to work eg
    ^You whip .+ through the air in front of (\w+), to no effect.$

    What am I missing?
  • hrm you need the dizzy line where you hit the shield and such
  • Let me give you the razing script Ushaara gave me.
  • SynkarinSynkarin Nothing to see here
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    ^You whip .+ through the air in front of (.*?), to no effect.$

    (\w+) will only capture one word, so you need to capture the entire description of whatever you're bashing

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  • http://pastebin.com/d6ptxEmY This is the target and attack aliases. These are the lines http://pastebin.com/2dSAR86D they might be outdated 
  • Awesome thanks for the help.

    Although after playing around with it rebounding dosnt seem to actually effect weapons any more. I can still raze it but it dosnt actually stop me hitting someone with a sword.

    Is this working as intended? Are they doing away with rebounding or something?
  • Rebounding no longer stalls or hinders warriors. You will still need to raze all forms of shield.
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    Oh man, you are correct, rebounding no longer stops warriors (it still stops monks though).

    You'll still need to raze shields.

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