Warrior/Knight class questions: differences between Pureblade and Blademaster



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    You also get faster balance, I think (unless the "Hunter" buff is something else). And you can have your wolf/hound spy on people/rooms, search for people/items (druids will love you as you can hunt down elders with 2 buttons), deliver items and retrieve items, which is nice utility. Most underrated benefit, by far, though is the fact that you sidestep cows on the highway. B) 

    Oh and you get worm warps :D
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    As an aside, can we do away with either the application or shrugging chance entirely and bundle it all into one? Seems a bit unnecessary to have have to make two rolls.
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    It shouldn't be redundant. Application scales (or did) with wounds. 
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    It does scale with wounds, yes. I have in numerous fights as every warrior kit found no difference in application % between Blademaster Tracker with all the poison application buffs vs any other spec without. So I am not sure if things are working as intended, the buffs are not stacking properly, or the buffs are just not working period. I once asked Ieptix to look into it, but was given no response.
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    Would increasing the change for poisons to proc based on wounding be an idea? 
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    Looking at the skills in greater detail the only thing I would sort of miss from night for solo combat is drink for passive cures, totems for leaping and bear 1 point of damage bonus.

    Although don't forget that night also has a coven squad for greater experience which is also kind of cool, so i would miss that but really night doesn't really do much for a warrior in combat.
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