The healing thread - what's not cured

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Hey, after a little thinking I decided to make this thread in order to help other healing users to be aware what's all not currently cured. I won't remember all of them of the top of my head, but if other people post things that are not cured or I find more myself, I'll add to the list. Simple a resource to adjust your curing systems with.

Afflictions uncured by healing:

- mangled limbs of any type (verified)
- timewarp (verified)
- anorexia
- collapsedlung
- damagedorgans
- damagedthroat (verified)
- crushedchest (verified)
- internalbleeding (verified)
- damagedskull (verified)
- suspicion: anything in the latest overhaul post

Anything that has a (verified) behind it, is that I had someone in an arena hit me with the stuff and verify it isn't cured by any cure healing currently offers. Thanks to @yarith and @Kaimanahi for generously helping in testing this stuff.

Hope this helps people adjust their systems! :-)
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  • SylvanasSylvanas Member Posts: 269 Expert
    Temporary insanity is not currently being correctly cured by anything, including firstaid.

    (yes, it's on the list of the new changes)
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  • CyndarinAscendsCyndarinAscends Member Posts: 1,461 Transcendent
    So the bad news is the ab files are super outdated and healing cured things that weren't actually listed. So it's hard to figure out what it once healed and no longer heals and what just fell off. 

    Like MANIA, I believe, used to cure tempinsanity (i'm 65% sure)

    The good news is nows a good time to poke your envoy to do a report to add in the things healing is missing.

    (Now would be a great time to think of ways to rework healing)
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    @Estarra stated here that there are plans to completely overhaul healing. So I'd just try to keep that in mind.
  • YehnYehn Member Posts: 282 Master
    Still, it's nice to know what works and what doesn't until that comes^^
  • XiranXiran Member Posts: 76 Capable
    Verified pacified/pacification is not cured with Healing Auric.
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