Accurate List of Afflictions and Cures?

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So I keep getting conflicting answers on where I can get accurate information on afflictions and their cures. AFFS LIST and AFFS INFO is accurate for what it has in it but it seems to be lacking many afflictions, cureslist seems out dated for the most part, is there someplace I can reference that is accurate? 



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    Short answer: Not really.

    Here's a googlesheet I just threw together with the afflictions from my system so far.

    All of those afflictions I've run into in the past few weeks, else they wouldn't be in my system.

    Edit: Short disclaimer: I transferred those across by hand so there might be a typo here or there. Also I am pretty certain there are other unoverhauled lingering afflictions out there. Things like jinx too which you'll have/want to track but aren't strictly afflictions. 

    Edit2: For almost anything not on AFFS LIST you can WHATCURES <Affname in affmessage>, you can also WHATISCUREDBY <curemethod>.
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    To be honest, it's kinda absurd that there isn't a reliable help file about how to cure in combat, one of the core mechanics of the game. I am enjoying the game, but the combat aspect feels incredibly problematic as a new player - everything is listed in a state of flux and it's very hard to get answers about what does what. I'm essentially a non-com/helper, versus actually studying and practicing combat intently, and that has a lot to do with how obfuscated basic curing is. 

    If you would like an example, go do the Glomdoring academy - half of the curing "hints" refer to cures which do not exist. I honestly would have just been like "f this game" if I hadn't been an existing IRE player and had read forums about the overhaul, as it was incredibly frustrating to be suffering from something like paralysis with the game telling you how to cure it (the college tells you often and repeatedly to FOCUS BODY) - and that curing information being entirely wrong. You feel kinda shitty as a player, because either you are doing something stupidly wrong, or the game is so bugged it can't even do the novice tutorial right. Neither option is encouraging.
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    I agree with the frustration on lack of working help files during the overhall. At first I was like well these are the most common cures right so thats all I need these cures info ones. Got them went about my merry way and then I'm stuck because I cant find any liniment. 

    So I go about buy a bunch of that, and etc etc as much as I understand we are going to move to just these cures. We are not there yet and a game wide help file would be really useful for all the newbies. 

    I'm working on a guild one now to sort of try and list all the stuff a newbie still needs but dosn't get told about like liniment and regeneration and so on.
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    I don't know why the in-game cures lists weren't updated when the afflictions were changed. It does seem silly. Basically, we're relying on player-made lists that may or may not be up to date. I know we're still "in" the Overhaul because Monks aren't done, but really.

    At the very least I'd BUG / TYPO the collegium mobs that are giving wrong information.
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    We've been in the overhaul since i started playing the game, we really should have a scroll for newbies who can access it easily.
  • XenthosXenthos Shadow Lord Member Posts: 6,987 Transcendent
    REPORT 1236.

    They are working on envoy reports now, so hopefully soon!
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