The Frog Crow Priest Druid Spider Pooka weds Veyils and Issey

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Hi everyone! Here's a log of an impromptu wedding between @Veyils and @Issey. The base rite was prepared by @Kalaneya and was originally for a baptism but since this was all impromptu I used it and improvised. :) Enjoy! Raves to @Oueli,@Stratas, @Salome, @Yanos, @Edith, and @Lysistrata!

(It was actually the pooka that helped confirm the marriage towards the very end but that's a bug so hopefully it'll get fixed soon!)

Promenade of roses.
The shadowy outline of a twisted forest casts a dark gloom here. Issey, Echo of the Wyrd is here, shrouded. She wields a multicoloured party lute in her left hand. Maestro Stratas Shee-Slaugh is here. Oueli, Whisper of the Wyrd is here. She wields a sleek grey viola etched with feathers in her left hand and a golden whip of the pious in her right. Salome is here, perched upon Stratas's shoulder. She wields a supine athame of rigored Haze in her left hand and a sinuous whip of conquered shadows in her right. Keeper Veyils, of the Blackened Bones is here, shrouded. She wields a viciously hooked flail in each hand. Lysistrata, of the Great Shadow is here. She wields an athame dagger in her left hand. Edith of the Murder is here, shrouded. She wields a nature talisman in her left hand. Yanos of the Ravenwood is here, shrouded. He wields a mystic cudgel in his left hand and a glowing powerstone in his right.
You see exits leading out and through a clear pool.

Veyils's mouth turns up as her face breaks into a smile.

Addressing all present, you say, "Let us begin."

You close your eyes and inhale deeply, absorbing the scent of your surroundings.

Yanos removes his hat and frowns silently before wiping a bit of mud from the brim and replacing it upon his head.

You have emoted: Siam plucks the petals from the rose wreath upon his person scattering them onto the surface of the pool. The petals cast tendrils of shadow into the pool before themselves dissolving into wisps of sombre night beneath the water. Satisfied, he wades deep into the now tenebrous water.

You have emoted: Siam affixes Veyils and Issey with a star-eyed gaze. Wordless, he motions for the couple to wade into the pool

Salome Shee-Slaugh bends to one of the hedges, whispering in a beguiling tone. Soon enough, the rosebushes snap and begin to flower violently, upwards and outwards over the pool - creating a thorny arch above your head. The thorns reflect in the water, piercing and silver, to contrast with their bloodied halo-hues as their scent overpowers the area.

Veyils nods nervously at you before taking a small faltering step towards the pool, she pauses to look to Issey offering her her hand.

Giving a soft smile Issey takes Veyils' hand and joins her in the pool, looking up at you curiously.

Stratas enters from the out, emanating an aura of immense power.

Continuing the hunt for his dark mate, Father Sun presses forward in his journey, lowering himself in the sky yet still casting even, full light upon the land.

With several beats of her wings, Salome alights upon Stratas's shoulder.

Salome Shee-Slaugh rests a hand on her shoulder from her perch upon her husband.

Oueli flashes Salome a joyous smile.

You have emoted: Siam continues eyeing the couple with glimmering star-eyes even as they trail ripples in the pool, agitating shadows and dispersing them.

You murmur, "The Wyrd is the Lady. Creatrix. Mother of all that we embrace. To embrace the Wyrd is to embrace Her."

Veyils wades forwards deeper into the pool holding Issey's hand tightly pulling her along as the two come to rest before you she bows her head respectfully resting patiently.

Softly, you say, "There is no greater blessing than Hers, to unite the lives and souls, the mind and body of two Wyrden mates."

You say to Veyils, "Veyils."

You say to Issey, "Issey."

You have emoted: Siam faces the couple, dipping his hand into the pool. He gently pushes a wave of water towards the lovers. The wave builds momentum and volume before the darkened waters crash against Veyils and Issey, darkening skin with coiling shadows as it washes upon Veyils's and Issey's form

You have emoted: Siam glides delicately towards the couple whose very veins begin to run with sable blood, tracing webs of vasculature across their body.

Shadows swirl around Stratas's arm as the Fingerblade of dha'Wyrden-cree shifts and turns around his hand.

You say, "Let Her enter your body and soul. Serve Her as She acts through you. Through your marriage."

You say, "You may now speak your oaths."

Veyils pauses a moment to turn to Issey, her wings fluttering to bring herself to face and gaze into Issey's eyes as she takes her hands in her own.
Keeper Veyils, of the Blackened Bones says, "With this I vow I take you Issey to be my partner, I will love, serve, respect and and honour you with as much devotion and fervor as I serve, love and honour the Wyrd. I will stand by your side, hunt at your back and fly with your soul. I will stand to aid and shield you from the light of day and comfort you in the shadows."
Keeper Veyils, of the Blackened Bones smiles and says, "With this vow I take you Issey to me mine and give myself to you."

Issey sucks thoughtfully on her dragon stud, looking down at Veyils before quietly saying, "With this, I vow to be by your side in whatever battles we may face. Even when I am upset, your presence always is a comfort to me. I vow to assist you in your efforts to serve the Wyrd, just like I know you will assist me.

Veyils smiles as her face begins to soften with joy "Thank you my love."

Issey nods her head at you.

You have emoted: Siam plucks yet another rose from his obsidian wreath. He deftly brandishes the sharpened stem of the black rose with an elegant flourish and watches even as it uncoils and grows into a lush rose vine, with another flick he expertly lassos Veyils and Issey, drawing them together tightly,the thorns digingg into flesh and both skin and water flower with blood

You have emoted: Siam tugs the rose vine, carefully drawing the couple as closely as possible.

Reverently, you say, "These oaths you speak in fealty of Her and of each other. Know the weight of your words. Know the weight of duty that shall lie even heavier upon both your shoulders."

Across the heavens, the stars and moon challenge night's dark reign, revealing familiar constellations that tell the tales of myth and legend.

You have emoted: Siam viciously pulls upon the roseine growth and watches with satisfaction as the thorns dig even deeper into flesh, shadowy roses blooming in the wake of the wounds. These unfurl and bloom in full before sinking deep into Veyils and Issey.

With subdued imperiousness, you intone, "You shall face not only bodily and mental hardships, but also the hardship of facing your exigent inadequacy in the face of Her supreme beauty."

You have emoted: Siam raises his hand as shivering shadows savagely burst from the pool, entwining the couple even as the dizzying sweetness of roses fills the air.

Veyils nods solemnly at you holding their bound hands hands higher causing the thorns to rend fresh tears in their skin.
Reverently, Keeper Veyils, of the Blackened Bones says, "May we be bound together in blood and pain, In the Lady's presence."
Sternly meeting each of the pair's gaze, you say, "It is imperative that you forge yourselves as instruments in service of the Wyrd. You are no longer mortals alone, you are a Wyrden couple wed in Her name."

You formally wed Veyils to Issey.

You cackle hellishly.

Shrieking with delight, you say, "Break bone! Sever sinew! Reap! Feed Her Wyrden Wood!"
Edith of the Murder whispers, "Congratulations to you both...may your marriage be long, and not cut short by a cut thread..."

Bowing her head respectfully, Keeper Veyils, of the Blackened Bones says to you, "Thank you for your words."
Keeper Veyils, of the Blackened Bones exclaims, "And thank all of you for being here!"
Yanos of the Ravenwood says, "Congratulations to the both of you, I have no doubt you have many exciting years ahead."

Viravain, Lady of the Thorns shouts, "And You would seize Me? Fool! I am the Glomdoring! I am the Wyrd, and beneath the cloak of Night, the shadows of the Silent stir!"



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    I guess I can't say I've never exploited a bug now.
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    Pooka forced weddings are the best kind
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    Seriously what is wrong with vey!

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    :D congrats guys!
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